404 9-Ball Tour

404 Tour Finale at Shooters

The 4th season of the 404-Tour wrapped up at Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto on April 9-10th. The event proudly added $4,000 in prize money which insured a nice payday for the players lucky enough to return on Sunday. Uncle Leo and John White had the difficult task of assigning the tables late into the evening with a 76 player roster. In the end, the cream of the crop rose to the top with Mario Morra and Erik Hjorleifson being the last two standing. There was plenty of tax free cash to be won:
1st- $2,000 (+$2,350 calcutta)
2nd- $1400 (+$1,450 calcutta)
3rd – $900 (+$900 calcutta)
4th – $600 (+$590 calcutta)
5/6 – $425 (+$290 calcutta)
7/8 – $275
9/12 – $175
13/16 – $125
Mario and Erik decided to split the cash and the final was not played. This is how they finished:
1st – Erik Hjorleifson & Mario Morra
3rd – Adrian Fragaso
4th – Raphael Balverde
5-6th – Scott McDonald, Gene Jim
7-8th – Karam, Wayne Tate
9-12th – Al Logan, Darlene Gardiner, Isaac Ramos, Rob Hall
13-16th – Alex Radomski, Dean McNaughton, Jessie Piercey, Dennis Rhodes

Thanks to the staff at Shooters for hosting these tournaments throughout the season. Looking forward to another successful tour next year. Don’t miss the last 404-Tour event to be held at BigWigs in Newmarket on April 30th. Photo Gallery.

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