404 9-Ball Tour

404 9-Ball Tour #2 – Pros show their class!

This is Shooters’ first tournament of the season with the pros showing up in the forms of Erik Hjorleifson and Mario Morra. With the many events going on around Toronto, Shooters still brought out 35 sharp shooters to compete for $1,810. With Mario and Erik in the tournament and the recent handicap system changes especially with the addition of the PLUS system it was still anyone’s tournament to win.
As always, our final 12 included Raphael B versus Ryann Malinao and the ever consistent Vince Chrysler versus Erik Hjorleifson. On the B side there were a few surprises starting with Art Bertoni making it all the way to play Mario Morra, Brendan Croft – who has made improvements to move from a 3+ to a 4 – once again making a deep run as a 4 to face John Andrade, Greg Johnson versus Steve Winter and Chris Lee versus Curtis Muller. With Erik still on the A side he would be the favourite to win, however the on form Vince is not to be underestimated.
Ryann continues his winning streak by beating Raphael 9-3 and now advances onto the A side final match. Erik seems to be on form dominating his previous matches 12-3, 12-2, and 12-2 respectively, goes on to thrash Vince 12-3 to now face Ryann. On the B side Mario and Greg win their matches 11-2 and 6-6 respectively to face each other in the B side quarter finals. Mario shows his experience beating Greg 11-3. In a surprising match Brendan beats John 4-2 to go on to face Chris Lee who won his previous match against Curtis hill-hill. Brendan continued to fight hard against Chris and made it hill-hill. Unfortunately Brendan could not close out the match and Chris now goes on to play Vince and Mario will play Raphael.
Mario continues his dominating streak on the B side by putting away Raphael 11-1. In the other match Chris disposes of Vince 6-4 making a strong return after not playing for a while. Chris lee then goes on to face Mario who beats him 11-4. Back on the A side Eriks puts Ryann to the B side in a close match beating him 12-6. Down to the final three, Erik, Mario and Ryann. Mario manages to surpass Ryann to face Erik however Erik manages to take home first place while Mario takes home second and Ryann brings home the bronze.

Erik Hjorleifson and Peter Chin
Erik Hjorleifson and Peter Chin

Congratulations to the top three players playing strong all day. Special notice to Erik for staying A side the whole way and not dropping a match. Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank all the players and supporters for their attendance! Special thank go to the Pros for coming over, playing and supporting the tournament! Please look below for the upcoming events.
Field : 35 players ( One Day Event )
Prize: $ 1,810 ($500 added and 15% hold-back for finale)
Calcutta: $ 950

1. Erik Hjorleifson $620
2. Mario Morra $400
3. Ryann Malinao $260
4. Chris Lee $170
5. Raphael Belverde $110
6. Vince Chrysler $110
7. Brenden Croft $70
8. Greg Johnson $70
Wednesday, 26th Oct – 9 Ball- Ball Handicap Tourney @8pm
Friday, 28th Oct – Friday Nite Bar Box @8pm
Saturday, 29 Oct- 9 and Under 10 Ball Event (even race), winner break!
Sunday, 30th Oct- “2-5” Handicap Event

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