10-30k Tour

10K Tour Stop 6 at Color of Money Billiards

DJ McInley and Nello Robson
Again, a total of 64 players were at Color of Money Billiards on the weekend of January 8-9 of this new year of 2005.
Tournament Director Willy Hermoza and Nello Robson were there to see that things were good for everyone that traveled in the bad weather we had that weekend.
On Sunday there were 8 players returning for the money. On the A side, DJ McInley beat Dan Doener 8-6 (race to 8 both). The other A side match saw Scott McDonald defeat Dave McMahon 7-2 (race to 7 both).
On the B side Terry Martin beat Jason Holdaway 7-7 hill-hill. Andrew Attard vs. Kirk Rutherford with Andrew besting Kirk 8-6 hill-hill. Dan Doener won over Terry Martin 8-5 and Dave McMahon beat Andrew Attard 7-6. Dan Doener defeated Dave McMahon 8-3. This left Dan vs. Scott with Scott winning 7-6.
Scott McDonald faced DJ McInley, and the winner was DJ McInley 8-2 going undefeated.
Results: 1st – DJ McInley $ 2400.00 ** Calcutta
2nd – Scott McDonald $ 1250.00 ** Calcutta
3rd – Dan Doener $ 850.00 ** Calcutta
4th – Dave McMahon $ 600.00 ** Calcutta
5th – Terry Martin $ 325.00 ** Calcutta
6th – Andrew Attard $ 325.00 ** Calcutta
7th – Jason Holdaway $ 100.00
8th – Kirk Rutherford $ 100.00
The second chance tournament was won by:
1st- Chris Melanson $ 150.00
2nd- Brian Massender $ 90.00
3rd- Derek Claus $ 30.00
4th- Rachael Walkey $ 30.00
By Willy Hermoza

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