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Libby, Simone and Aqeel rise…

On the 7th of August, 2016, Shooters Snooker Club in the GTA hosted a “2-5” 8 Ball one- day event. It was a warm Sunday when all the players came out to support and play this tournament. Peter Chin, the owner of Shooters Snooker Club performed an exciting Calcutta at 11:45am where everyone bid for their favourites of this event. The Calcutta ended at approximately 12:30 and the games begun…
Safety battles were present on each table. Extreme intense atmosphere hit around Shooters which led to the following update:
A Side Final:
Elizabeth Kishimoto vs Simone Lloyd
B Side Semi Final:
Aqeel Mohamed vs Curtis Muller
Elizabeth was defeated by Simone by a score of 3-2 which led the advancement of Simone to the hot seat of this event! On the other hand, Aqeel Mohamed smoked Curtis Muller by 3 games to 1 which led to Muller’s exit from the B Side. Elizabeth then played Aqeel. Extreme safety battles was seen during this game which led to Elizabeth’s victory.
Elizabeth was on fire as she was really smooth, calm and focused with her game. HISTORY AT SHOOTERS REPEATED THAT NIGHT!! 2 ladies were in the finals!! Simone could not control the pace of Elizabeth which led to her downfall in both sets! Elizabeth emerged as the winner of this particular event!
Shooters Snooker Club would like to take this unique opportunity to Congratulate all the winners of this event and also thank each and every individual for coming over and playing or supporting this particular event!
Prize Payout : $480
Calcutta $240
1. Elizabeth Kishimoto $220
2. Simone Lloyd $150
3. Aqeel Mohamed $110
** Calcutta not included **
August 13, 2016: “4-9” Amateur 9 Ball Tour #7
August 14, 2016: “2-5” 9 Ball event
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Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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