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CWPT Ladies Amateur 8-Ball Qualifier

On behalf of Shooters Snooker & Sports Club, owner John White graciously opened his doors to the women of the Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour which held its first stop of the 2011 season on February 26th. With a new year and new board members, the ladies waited patiently for room owners to lend a helping hand. As some of you may know, the billiard world has been rocked with many changes and struggles along the way, thus creating difficult times for tours and room owners to come together as a whole. Only a select few have stepped forward at this time to extend their support of our very own women’s billiard tour that has been promoting women’s billiards here in Canada for the past 6 years. I say, let the journey begin and take a chance on the women!
A total of 28 ladies arrived from all over, even as far as London & Sarnia, Ontario. Each player was extremely excited to be facing off against their own level of play in order to win a spot in the up-coming CBSA Canadian Championships in June 2011. I am extremely proud of you all for stepping out of your comfort zone to support the tour, especially having to play on 9 foot tables.
The Tiger CWPT once again promoted the women via live streaming through the CWPT’s official ustream link: HERE. Please check out the website www.cwpt.ca for future events.
It was hard to pick a favorite as many of our top amateurs arrived with many different faces the tour had not even seen, such as the Monague clan from Sarnia. I was very excited to see the new players play and they did just that. Keep up the practice ladies and it will come!
Originally just one spot was up for grabs but, due to the amount of support we received, we were able to send two ladies to the championships! The first spot went to Kayla Jones of London, Ontario. Miss Jones went undefeated on the A-side with wins over Lisa Noseworthy 5-2, Kristy DeVries 5-0, Danidee Nailat 5-1, Angela Carrigan 5-4 and Krista Walsh 5-3. Now that was some good playing Kayla and good luck at the Canadians! Wait just a minute, ladies & gentlemen there is still another spot up for grabs! That’s right! Krista Walsh was in the hot seat on the B-side and waiting for an opponent to square off against for that second spot.
The day was getting late, however many of the ladies were not able to come back the second day and with Toronto under a snow storm we were asked if we could finish it in one day. Nearing the end of the night we had a really exciting match on the live streaming table with Angela Carrigan vs. Anne Sinclair. This match would put the winner against Miss Walsh. Both ladies met up earlier in the day with Angela ousting Anne to the B-side with a score of 5-0, unfortunately this was not the case in this match. It seemed as though Anne caught her second wind and began firing balls in from left to right but not before going on with a bang. With hooking herself on the 8 ball and the score at 4-3, she had no choice but to jump the object ball to make the 8 ball in the corner. She graciously walked to her case, grabbed her jump stick, took aim and fired it right in the corner where she then faced fellow team-mate Krista Walsh. It was a long night and both ladies were extremely exhausted. Anne went on to capture the second spot but not before declining it as fast as she won it. Therefore, Miss Walsh has earned her place into the championships in June alongside Kayla Jones. This is what it’s all about ladies and congratulations to each and every one of you for some hard reached goals! Keep up the practice.
We would like to extend our gratitude to all of our sponsors for making this happen. Our title sponsor, Tiger Products.com, John White and staff for your hospitality you simply are the best, www.delta-13.com our official rack for the live stream table, CPA & Southern Ontario Pool Leagues, Tweeten Fibre & Co. A very special thank you to all our media partners – www.AZBilliards.com, www.BilliardsDigest.com, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Inside Pool Magazine, BillardQuebec.com, & ThePoolScene.com.
For more information about the Canadian Women’s Pool Tour please visit www.cwpt.ca. May you get all the rolls!!
Story by:
Denise Belanger
1st Place – Kayla Jones $50.00+Spot to CBSA Canadians
2nd Place – Anne Sinclair $200.00
3rd Place – Krista Walsh $50.00+Spot to CBSA Canadians
4th Place – Angela Carrigan $140.00
5th & 6th Place – Renee Colley & Leanne Amable $80.00
7th & 8th Place – Lisa Williams & Cindy Bristow $45.00

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