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John Schmidt Puts USA in Play for the Gold

Queens, New York- It has been 22 years since an American has won the World 14.1 . John Schmidt can change that tonight. Schmidt blew out Ralph Eckert of Germany 200 to 60 in a match that only took Schmidt 3 innings to win. John moves into the finals against Efren Reyes of the Philippines.

John Schmidt –
“I’m trying to act cool outside but I am really totally stoked!”, exclaimed Schmidt. Schmidt has his father, family, and a ton of friends and supporters including the son of his girlfriend who have been intently watching his matches live online. “This is a big deal to me. I’ll be honest, I want to win this more than any title I’ve ever won or played for in my life”, said Schmidt. John has been well known for his strength and passion in straight pool more than any other game he plays.
John played one of the best matches of his 14.1 career against Eckert. He opened up with a 98 ball run on his first open shot at the start of the match. Eckert had defeated USA legend Johnny Archer the night before in the quarters.
Reyes handily defeated Darren Appleton in the semi-finals and has been undefeated throughout the whole event.
A new World 14.1 Champion will be crowned today.
The 2012 Predator World Tournament takes place July 29th – August 3rd. The event is produced by Dragon Promotions & Dr.Michael Fedak and proudly co-sponsored by Championship Cloth, Olhausen Tables, Amsterdam Billiards, Aramith Balls, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Championship Tour Edition Chalk, and straight pool aficionados Dr.Louis Pannullo of NYC, Stu Mattana of NYC, Ralph Rubin of MD, and Tom Gleich of NC. Co-contributors Dr.James Heller, Drew Thomas, and Charles Eames.
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