Quebec Snooker Legend Passes

It is with great sadness that we announce that one of our own legends has passed away this week.
Robert Paquette, from the province of Quebec, passed away on May 7, 2016. Mr. Paquette was one of the most talented and feared snooker players this country has ever seen.
There are too many accomplishments to list over the decades that Mr. Paquette was involved with snooker, however, some of them include being a finalist 6 times in the Canadian Championships, traveling around the world competing as a Canadian representative, and being instrumental in developing the game in this country.
“Robert was a pioneer of the game” said Snooker Canada President, Patrick Guigui. “We spent countless hours on the phone talking about things that must be done to promote the game. I listened more than I spoke, and I am committed to using some of his ideas to shape the future of the game. Thank you Robert, you shall be sorely missed.

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