New Year’s Bash!

The tournament bringing us into the New Year had some highs and some lows. Before going into the details of this tournament Shooters would like to make special mention of the upcoming Silver Jubilee tournaments. Shooters will add a whopping $10,000 and a 15% holdback for the tournaments and the finale combined to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Onto the current tournament, there were 22 players that dedicated their new year’s eve to this tournament including players like Shane Gummerson, Vince Chrysler, Rob Hall, and Tomas Martinez.
Before moving onto the final 8, there was a lot of drama throughout the day. With some big names being either knocked to the B side or even out of the tournament. Two examples include Carlin Sanderson losing to Tomas Martinez after being 6-1 up and Vince Chrysler losing to another 4 after being 4-0 up.
The final eight included Nathan Clarke versus Rob Hall and Tomas Martinez versus Shane Gummerson on the A side. On the B side, there was Dave B versus Rob Johnson and Rob Mcgill versus Aqeel Mohamed. In the first B-side match, Dave B who snuck through the field beating the likes of Vince and TJ Arch made the match close against Rob Johnson bringing it hill-hill. This was mirrored by the other B-side match where Aqeel lost to hill-hill to Rob Mcgill.
There was a highly anticipated match between Rob Hall and Nathan who have played each other several times in the past few years. Nathan manages to beat Rob 6-4 and advance to the A-side finals. Tomas made the day very interesting with his antics. After beating Carlin and throwing his cue and shouting in victory people were certainly whispering. Tomas almost manages to talk Shane out of the win but ended up on the B-side after losing 7-2.
With only a few matches left there was Shane Gummerson versus Nathan on the A side. On the B side, it was Rob versus Rob H and Rob Mcgill versus Tomas. Rob J had a chance to close out the match at 7-7 with a 9 in the side but undercuts it and leaves it for Hall to make it hill-hill. Rob J does manage to close out the match hill-hill though and advance to the B side semi-final. Rob Mcgill seemed to get frustrated by Tomas’ antics and his infuriation must have made him play better because he sent Tomas out of the tournament with a convincing 6-1 victory.
Shane comes out weak against Nathan going game for game, but then Shane seems to hit another gear and sends Nathan to the B side 8-4. Nathan now awaits for the loser of another Rob versus Rob match. Rob J and Rob Mcgill make it a back and forth game going all the way to the hill in which Rob J takes away another win as he seems to be the hill-hill king winning 7 hill-hill matches this tournament. Rob J’s consistent luck persists as he takes a commanding lead over Nathan in the B side final leading 6-1. Nathan finds the heart and energy to fight back though making it hill-hill yet again, however after missing position on the 5 and then missing the 6 for the break and run a lucky leave from Rob leaves Nathan semi-hooked. Nathan is unable to not sell out and Rob J advances to the final.

Since this is a special event Rob J has to beat Shane twice. Rob J manages to beat Shane the first set 7-5. However, determined as ever Shane comes back shellacking Rob 8-2 to take home the last tournament of the year in what has been a very successful year for Shane Van Gummerson. Shooters would like to congratulate Shane’s success and Rob Johnson for making it to the finals from deep in the B side. Shooters would also like to thank everyone for coming out on New Year’s Eve to play in a tournament. Please see below for payouts and future events.
Field: 22 players
Prize: $1040 (Money Added)
Calcutta: $470
1. Shane Gummerson $400
2. Rob Johnson $260
3. Nathan Clarke $170
4. Rob McGill $110
5. Tomas Martinez $50
6. Rob Hall $50
***Calcutta not included***
Upcoming Tournaments:
7th January – Amateur 9 Ball Tournament
8th January – 2-6 9 Ball Tournament
Silver Jubilee Tournaments (one every month) Shooters is kind enough to add $1,500 to EACH TOURNAMENT!
Jan 21st – Group Shootout
Feb 18th – 10 Ball 9 and under event (winner breaks)
March 11th – 4-7 Extravaganza
April 1st – 8 and under 9 ball tournament
April 22nd – THE COLOSSAL FINALE! Where there is $4,000 added! PLUS 15% holdback from the previous 4 tournaments!

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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