Froland secures the “2-5” 9 Ball at Shooters…

It was the 3rd of October, 2016 whereby Shooters Snooker Club in the GTA hosted its famous Sunday Amateur “2-5” 9 Ball tournament. The day began with a few showers around North York and pool players were ready to come in and battle for the Championship that very day…
It was a deadly start after the Calcutta as the games started intensifying. We then had Aqeel Mohamed facing Froland Magsanoc in the A Side Finals, leaving Cesar Custodio vs Che Lemmon in the B Side Semi Finals. Froland was unstoppable as he skunked Aqeel Mohamed by 7 games to 1 moving on to the Hot seat of this event. Cesar, on the other hand, beat Che by 5 games to 4 and was going to face Aqeel Mohamed who previously sent him to the B Side. Cesar however got his revenge over Aqeel which led to his victory in the B Side. Meanwhile, Froland was ready with his confidence to face Mr. Custodio.
The first 3 games were very intense having a lot of safety battles amongst the players but Froland settled all the excitement and kept his nerves calm securing a 7-3 win over Cesar to obtain this title at Shooters once again. With that said, Froland took the first place, Cesar took second and Aqeel Mohamed placed third!
Shoutout goes to Froland, Cesar and Aqeel for playing tremendously well on that very day to secure their winnings of this event specifically!
Congratulations to all the winners of this tournament.
Shooters has been having the “47” EXTRAVAGANZA Qualifier every Sunday for the past 3 weeks for the benefit of SL 2-5. However, it should be noted that the Special events like the “2-5” 8 or 9 Ball do take place every Sunday at 11:00 am at the pool hall.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the players for their attendance on this beautiful day..
Wednesday, October 5- Shooters Reboot of 9 Ball (Ball Handicap Tourney)
Thursday, October 6- Shooters “47” EXTRAVAGANZA Qualifier
Friday, October 7- Shooters Friday Nite Bar Box event
Saturday, October 8- Shooters “4-9” Amateur Tour.
Sunday, October 9- “2-5” 9 Ball event.
We would like to encourage pool players to come in, have some fun, gain some experience and play the game!! Register with Peter Chin on 416-750-7787

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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