Chrysler does a drive through at Shooters!

Shooters hosts its first 10 ball event of the season, initially capped at 32 players due to popularity it was opened up to 40 players. With this being a 3-7 handicap event there would be lots of competition for the top spots. Some players competing for that included last week’s winner and runner up, Shane Gummerson and Nathan Clarke respectively. The top twelve included neither of these two players however. On the A side there was Vince Chrysler versus Curtis Miller and Darwin Madriaja versus Terry Martin. On the B side there was Tomas Martinez versus a surprising appearance from Brendan Croft, Ronald Giron versus Kevin Lazaro, Marius Nakas versus Tommy Hogan, and Steve Menezes versus Norm Santos. Vince had a turbulent tournament at best starting with beating Curtis 7-3. Darwin’s match went similarly winning 6-4 against Terry who makes a recent rare appearance at a Shooters’ weekend tournament. This leaves the A side final match between Darwin and Vince. But before we get to that let’s catch up on the B side.
In the first match Brendan Croft who was this week’s youngest player by a large margin managed to beat Tomas Martinez 3-2 to advance deeper into the tournament. Kevin manages to edge out a win against tournament favourite Ronald Giron 5-5. To advance to play Brendan. Unfortunately for Brendan his run ends against Kevin in a 1-5 loss, however this is the farthest that a 3 has made it in such a competitive field, so well done Brendan! Marius manages to take an 8-2 win over the golf returnee Tom and Norm barbeques his second 6 of the day in the name of Steve Menezes 5-0. Norm has made a lot of improvements recently so well done to him. Norm’s tremendous form continues against Marius beating him 5-4. Moving forward, it almost becomes a battle of the 5s with Terry being the only non 5 handicap on the B side. Kevin goes on to play Curtis but does not advance losing 6-2. Terry falls to a similar fate also only picking up 2 matches in his loss against Norm. Norm and Curtis now go head to head as 5+s to advance themselves to the B side finals and guarantee themselves fourth place. It would be hard to say who has the edge in this particular situation Curtis managed to edge the win out against Norm
At this point there were only 3 players left, 2 on the A side and 1 waiting on the B side. A strong showing from Darwin means that he will face Vince in the A side final. Unfortunately for Vince he loses 6-6 against Darwin and goes to the B side to face the Curtis who previously took out Norm. Curtis puts up a good fight but is unable to beat Vince which now allows Vince to enact his revenge against Darwin for sending him to the B side. The result was very similar in this week’s final between Darwin and Vince. Their first match went hill-hill and their second match did not differ, however, on this occasion it was Vince who came out ahead to be this week’s Shooters 10 Ball Champion!
As always Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank all the players who came out to play and support the new ‘37’ 10 Ball Tournament. Congratulations to Vince Chrysler who takes home another title at Shooters. Additionally, Shooters would like to make an honourable mention to Darwin Madriaja for staying A side all the way.
Field: Capped 40 players ( One-Day Event )
Prize: $1820 ($600 added) – 15% holdback for the finale
Calcutta: $1060

1. Vince Chrysler $620
2. Darwin Madriaja $410
3. Curtis Muller $260
4. Norm Santos $170
5. Kevin Lazaro $110
6. Terry Martin $110
7. Branden Croft $70
8. Marius Nakas $70
***Calcutta not included***
Saturday, October 8- Shooters “4-9” Amateur Tour.
Sunday, October 9- “2-5” 9 Ball event.

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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