Royal City Challenge

Paul Duell wins 6th RCC Title!

At 11:00am on March 1st, 32 players once again showed up at Tony’s Billiards in Guelph, to compete in the 6th Royal City 9 Ball Challenge.Paul Duell
The Calcutta proved that once again, there were some amazing shooters, getting ready to shoot their “A” game.
The draw was done, and it would not be an easy road to the finals, for eventual champ Paul Duell. He beat out Dave “Chag” Stewart 1st round, then hit Jeremy Isard, who sent Duell to a long road on the B Side.
Paul successful beat out many great competitors: Ephraim Day, Kevin Stronach, Chris Fawcett, Dave Johnson, Dave Lettner, Rod Arsenault and Adam Monture, where he finally made his way back to the A Side, meeting up with Jason Knight, who had yet to be defeated in the tournament.
It was an exciting match, with the games going back and forth, but ultimately Paul Duell came out the victor, and became the 6th RCC Champion!

1st Paul Duell $560 $840
2nd Jason Knight $370 $510
3rd Adam Monture $105 $180
4th Rod Arsenault $60 $100
5-6th Paul Edgar $40 $55
5-6th Dave Lettner $40 $55

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