Turning Stone Classic XXVII 9-Ball Open, Complete Results

Here is the complete order of finish for our Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour’s, “Turning Stone Classic XXVII 9-Ball Open”, which was held on January 5-8, 2017. The event was $25,000 added with a total prize fund of $41,400. There were 128 players (full field). All players were paid in cash immediately upon their elimination from the event!

1st          $8,000            Jayson Shaw (Scot)

2nd         $5,000            Rodney Morris
3rd          $3,600            Dennis Hatch
4th          $2,600            Amar Kang
5/6th       $2,000 each – John Morra, Thorsten Hohmann (Ger)
7/8th       $1,600 each – Oscar Dominguez, Johnny Archer 
9/12th     $1,200 each – Sebastian Laramee (Can), Darren Appleton (GBR), Jorge Rodriguez, Jarrod Clowery
13/16th   $850    each – Tom Theriault (Can), Joey Cicero (Can), Nelson Oliveira, Tom D’alfonso
17/24th   $550    each – Phil Davis, Ernesto Dominguez, Del Sim, Spencer Auigbelle, Jereny Sossei, Hunter Lombardo, Karen Corr, Tom Zippler
25/32nd  $300    each – Erik Hjorleifson (Can), Ed Saur, Dan Hewitt, Brandon Shuff, Eric Cloutier (Can), Luc Salvas (Can), Tony Antone, Bucky Souvanthong

33/48 – Kevin West, Marco Kam, Rob Sakell (Can), Cleiton Rocha, Chad Bowling, Nick Coppola, Jerome Rockwell, Elvis Rodriguez, Zion Zvi (Isr), Rick Sleeper,
            Holden Chin, Ben Crawley (Can), Sean Morgan, Hendrik Drost, Kyle Pepin, Ron Casanzio

49/64 – Jonathan Smith, Dave Mills, Mike Andrews, Jia Li (CHN), Geoff Montgomery, Ivaylo Petrov, John Vitale, Rich Connors, Martin Daigle, Gregg McAndrews,
            Jason Michas, Caroline Pao, Shaun Wilkie, Steve Lillis, Matt Tetreault, Bruce Nagle

65/96 – Roger Miller (Can), Mike Giurleo, Nick Antonakos, Samantha Barrett, Rob Staskowski, Damian Mancini, Luca Bares, Bob Cunningham, Nicole Fleming,
            Maxime Villeneuve (Can), Jennifer Barretta, Willie Oney, Steven W Smith, Mark Creamer, Bob Lewis, Steve Motilal, Mario Morra (Can), John Babravich,
            Joe Ziegler, Dwight Dixon, Matt Krah, Jim Udischas, Aaron Greenwood, Mike Toohig, Paul Pensgen, Joe Sinicropi, Justin Deon (Can), Paul Dryden,
            Dave Fernandez, Chris Braiman, Bill Cote, Mike Yednak

97/128 – Steve Fleming, Justin Muller, Mike Perhach, Adam Profitt (Can), Ron Williams, Randy Labonte, Dave Shlemperis, Frank Gaetani, Russ Randall,
              Fred Gokey, Mike Nicoloro, Jay Goyer (Can), Phil Harju, Dale Kimmett, Ryan Dacko, Brent Boemmels, Jerry Crowe, Dan Simoneau, Ed San Soucie,
              John Moody, Patrick Adam (Can), Tom Gildea, Lida Mullendore, Larry Phlegar, Jed Jecen, Brenden Croft (Can), Jim Romanowski, Robert Ferry,
              Brian Trinci, Jamie Addessi, Greg Antonakos, Dave Pinkston

Our Second Chance event had 32 players (full field) with a total prize fund of $1,600.

1st     $500 Spencer Auigbelle
2nd    $300 Rob Sakell
3/4th  $200 each – Chad Bowling, Phil Davis
5/8th  $100 each – John Babravich, John Vitale, Steve Fleming, Dave Mills

Mike Zuglan

Along with being a top pro player, Mike Zuglan is the founder of the best tournaments around, the Joss Northeast 9-ball Tour. He is always wearing a smile on his face and always has a kind word to say!

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