Snooker meets it’s challenger

Snooker meets it’s challenger. Chinese Eight Ball receives worldwide medias’ attention.

The annual world snooker championship is now in full swing in Sheffield, England,.In the meanwhile, the first station of the largest professional tournament of Chinese Eight Ball all over the world– “the Grand Epoch City ·Joy Cup” 2015 World Chinese Eight Ball Masters is beginning. International news services BBC keenly noticed the emerging power–Chinese Eight ball when delivering an in-depth report about the current situation of Chinese billiards by taking Ding as an example .”Chinese Eight Ball is to be the top challenger and competitor of snooker ” BBC
Ding claimed the title of China Open Champion as a wild-card entrant and defeated the billiards emperor Stephen Hendry who was in his prime time of career,and then Chinese players become among the highest in the world.Since then,snooker in China welcomes a trend for rapid development and the landscape of snooker in the world is altered. What’s more, being the mooring to goods, snooker could not agree with the situation of China.On the contrary, Chinese Eight Ball, which has been rooted in national culture, become more and more popular among ordinary people.
However, there are lots of difficulties in the development history of Chinese Eight Ball.It develops very fast in folk, but it merely does not have it’s own voice in media.Late in 2012,national trials that has been held for 6 years succeeded to become international masters and invite some famous international stars including Hendry and Potts with the continues efforts of the leader of Chinese Eight Ball–Joy. Therefore the first layout of the internationalization of Chinese eight ball has been completed. Then the tournament of Chinese Eight Ball is broadcast on live on CCTV5 for the first time.
Nowadays 3 years have been passed, and more and more billiards masters come to participate in the Chinese Eight Ball Masters.The live on CCTV5 of the Chinese Eight Ball tournament becomes the norm. In addition, some other domestic media report the Chinese Eight Ball Masters as an important tournament.
Langfang station the first station of “The Grand Epoch City ·Joy Cup” 2015 World Chinese Eight Ball Masters in this season.On the eve of the opening,a good thing recently comes: many international authoritative media report for this tournament. Furthermore, BBC published the article “when snooker encounters Chinese eight ball” for this national billiards sports.Being the biggest news broadcasting organization in England and even in the world, BBC turns it’s attention to Chinese eight ball,which has shown it’s keen insight.”It looks to me that it has become more of a challenge for snooker in the past years or two then perhaps it was three or so years ago.The market in China is as challenging as it has been in the past decade.One of the challenges in China is Chinese Eight Ball, a variation on the western form of pool, which has had the backing of Billiards Emperor Stephen Hendry.”the webmaster of snooker website Matt Helt said in the article.
What is worth mentioning is that BBC uses the item “Chinese Eight Ball” in it’s news,from which we can see that Chinese Eight Ball has been widely recognized by the international. After the news published by BBC, domestic authoritative media Xinhua News Agency issues immediately report about this event., which becomes a widely resonant topic for fans. The reason why Chinese Eight Ball turns into many international medias’ focus from a sports ignored by some domestic media,is that the leader of Chinese eight ball “Joy” makes unremitting efforts for the promotion of this national billiards sports.
That Chinese eight ball challenges snooker is not a new topic for foreign media and fans. However, it already has proved to be a success for the people in home. I believe that in the near future the fact will not be fresh in the world.

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