Rubilen Amit Wins 2nd Gold at Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship

Amit became the first ever Two times World 10-Ball Champion for men or women Photo by Kapitan of
Amit became the first ever Two times World 10-Ball Champion for men or women
Photo by Kapitan of
Manila, Philippines-  In a Europe versus Asia finale, Filipina Rubilen Amit took down Great Britain’s Kelly Fisher in a world class battle of billiard heavyweights.  The final four players of the World Championship narrowed down between China, Taiwan, England, and the Philippines. Amit was the lone soldier left after the round robin stage of the tournament. Dragon Promotions brings the greatest women’s tournament in the world once more to the Philippines with the 2013  Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship!  This year’s edition will took place October 28th – November 4th,2013  to luxurious Resorts World Manila, an upscale hotel and casino adding onto the dynamic atmosphere of the coveted championship.  An elite 48 world class lady pros, the best of the best from 20 countries, will attend the event to decide who is the World Champion. Matches will air live daily from 2pm-7pm Manila time on  and broadcasted worldwide by ABS-CBN Sports and affiliates. yalin2
Though China and Taiwan have been dominating forces in Asia pool, both countries have never won the World 10-Ball, considered to be the hardest title to win. Pei Chen Tsai of Taiwan and Han Yu of China would both have their chances to make history if they could get past their respective opponents of Rubilen Amit and Kelly Fisher.
Kelly Fisher dominated the field until the finals of the Worlds
In the first semi-finals, this would be a re-match of 2011 when Tsia defeated Amit in the quarter finals. This time Amit got her revenge in a back and forth see-saw match which Amit won 9-6.
In the second semi, this was an exact re-match of 2011 semi finals where Yu and Fisher faced off to win the right to the finals. Fisher won by a fair margin then, and a huge margin now with a 9-2 whopping win.
“I may have to give the edge to Kelly who has more experience winning on the international stage”, commented Allison Fisher who did the commentary for the Championship match. Most of the experts would agree Kelly had the nod on experience. But Amit had different plans in front of her home crowd.
Great pic of Amit losing control for a moment jumping into Fisher's arms. Pic by The Philippines Inquirer Sports.
Great pic of Amit losing control for a moment jumping into Fisher’s arms. Pic by The Philippines Inquirer Sports.
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The finals was a classic blow by blow exchange between two heavyweights in pool. Fisher jumped to a 2-0 lead before Amit could blink. Eventually the lead was at 3-1 in Fisher’s favor. Amit then mounted a comeback to take the lead at 4-3. A huge scratch by Amit in the side pocket on the 10-Ball turned the momentum again as Fisher re-took the lead and eventually went up to 6-4. The ever steady Amit re-grouped and steadily pocketed one by one and safety exchanged with Kelly in several games, and managed another streak of 5 games in a row to reach the hill at 9-6. Fisher stopped the bleeding and made it 9-7 after a great runout. Then the next game she had a golden opportunity to get within 2 game of the World Title but unexpectedly missed an easy 8-Ball. Amit methodically made the final 3 balls for the win and was so overcome with emotion she actually leaped into the arms of her opponent! Fortunately for Amit, Kelly caught her.
“She played great and deserves the win”, said Fisher on Amit’s second World Championship win. Kelly had gone undefeated in 9 matches in a row until her loss in the finals.
Amit had dropped two losses in the round robin stage but managed to make it through and then won 5 in a row for the title.
“I’m so happy right now. The fans who supported me the whole week was such a huge impact. They helped me win. I love them all! And I love Dragon Promotions for making this event” said Amit in her closing ceremony speech as she jumped and unexpectedly kissed Charlie Williams on the cheek. “This year the win is definitely bigger for me than my first World Championship win. Five years ago it was a new event, but now everyone knows how much this event means.”
“You really can’t find a better person in pool than Rubilen. She is not only a world champion professional, she is a world champion person”, commented Charlie Williams, Executive Producer of the event from Dragon Promotions. has complete group results.
Xiaofang Fu of China, Ga Young Kim of Korea, and Xiaoting Pan of China were just some of the great champions that did not reach the Medal rounds this year
Event creator Charlie Williams of Dragon Promotions, Dino Laurena ABS-CBN Sports, Kelly Fisher, Amit, Eric Ding of Yalin, Shane Sinnott of OB Cues, Han Yu, JeffEvora of Resorts World, Tsai Pei Chen, and Cindy Lee CEO of Dragon Promotions
The Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship is created and produced by Dragon Promotions and officially recognized by the WPA
The Yalin World Championships was streamed on and sponsored by , Official Table YALIN , Official Cue is OB Cues, Official Balls by Aramith, Official Cloth Championship, Official Chalk Master by Tweeten Fibre, Official Magazine Pool & Billiard Magazine, Star Paper Corporation,  and .
The Women’s World Championship is produced by Dragon Promotions and filmed by ABS-CBN Sports airing on BALLS, Studio 23, and a dozen other networks in countries worldwide. With massive media and global networks covering the Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship, it will continue as still the biggest and most watched women’s billiard event in the world.
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Yalin Billiards is unveiling its new shining white Yalin Championship Table to be used on all televised and live stream portions of the World 10-Ball
 photo 4aaf0b34-13cd-4343-b4e2-7065ff0453e2_zpsa3a2fc75.jpg is one of the leading sponsors of the Yalin World Championship
 photo wwcyalin2010Arena_zps4eae79cc.jpg
With fans and media flocking to watch and also meet the billiard stars, the Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball is the most coveted title in women’s pool.
The absolute best of the best in the industry support the World Championship

Dragon Promotions

Dragon Promotions started in 2001 and is one of the leading producers and pioneers in the sporting side of the billiard industry.

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