Rocket Morris BCA HOF

I’d like to share this with you as you decide your votes for this year’s inductee(s) for the BCA Hall of Fame.

2012 World Cup of Pool; 9-BallOur post about the Rodney Morris nomination went viral with almost 20,000 reach (not paid) and 120+ shares in a day.
I think most would agree that he should go in at the age of 42 now. Some reason he was skipped over in his first year of eligibility at 40, and was only on ballot last year.
Some of his credentials include wins at:
US Open 9-Ball (televised); PBTA Puerto Rico Open; Sands Regency; World Pool League (televised), 8x Member USA Mosconi Cup (televised) and 1x MVP; US Pro Tour Championship (ESPN event);
Seminole Pro Tour Championship; Houston Open; World Cup of Pool (Matchroom, Philippines); World vs Phillipines(televised); Turning Stone Classic
Bronze Medalist at the World Games and Bronze Medalist at the World Pool Championship (televised)
Turned pro in 1995. Won the US Open 9ball a year later.
He has maintained a top 10 ranking or better for nearly 20 years of his career and is one of the few American pros that has managed championship wins in multiple countries aside from US soil such as in Philippines, Holland, Poland, England. He is one of the most recognizable figures of our sport and has accumulated above and beyond the average television time for a pro player because of his stellar play and ultra-charismatic personality. By far one of the most fan favorite players in modern times.
Many,many people would hate to see Rocket go to the sidelines again and possibly lose his ballot eligibility.
Thank you for your consideration.

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