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NAPA Ontario UpdateNAPA Pool League
Durham Region Leagues
Ajax Leagues – The Thursday night Ajax 8 Ball League at Petrinas is almost through it’s second session. Things are going great. The third session is ready to start in January. Contact us if you wish to be part of this league. In addition, we are planning to start a 9 Ball League on the same night at Petrinas. Those players that like both types of pool can now play them both in one night, leaving more time for a personal life! Of course players can play just one type of pool it that is what they like.
Oshawa Leagues – We have tried a couple of times to start leagues in Oshawa. We are getting more interest each time, but still not enough players to get it started. They will begin in time though.
Whitby and Pickering – We are currently looking for locations that could support a league in these locations. We will keep you informed.
Rest of Ontario
We are continuously looking for League Convenors and Reps that would like to help us start leagues in the rest of Ontario. Contact us for information if you are interested. We have lots of room to expand.
Match Videos
Very shortly we are going to start video recording and posting matches on the internet. Some may even be real time. Many find the league really fun, so we would like to show the world what all the hype is all about.
Testimonial Videos
Watch for testimonial videos from current NAPA Ontario players on why they joined NAPA, what they like about NAPA and why others should join NAPA. It should give others interested in NAPA a real insight into the league.
NAPA 8 Ball League Exhibition Invitational Tournament
How well do we believe in our league and our players? In 2014 we are planning a tournament that will pit NAPA Ontario players against players from other leagues around Ontario. This exhibition tournament will also have a Calcutta. Contact us if you would to be kept informed on this tournament. It is open to all pool players across Ontario.
NAPA Ontario Players Get to Play in CCS Events As Well
Through a partnership with the RobMac Group, starting in 2014, all NAPA players will have memberships in CCS, the Canadian Cue Sports Association. With this membership, NAPA Ontario players will be eligible to play in CCS events. For more information, visit the CCS website at
Follow Us Socially
NAPA Ontario is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger and has it’s own mobile app. Visit our web site at to see all our social resources that you can connect to us by. All our contact information is on the site as well. Feel free to call us at 905.903.6425 to ask any questions.
The North American Poolshooters Association is a pool league where players play for cash and prizes, as well as a chance to qualify for the NAPA Nationals. In 2014 the NAPA Nationals are being held in Atlanta Georgia. NAPA has 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, Laggers Choice and Scotch Doubles Leagues. There are no annual membership fees to play in NAPA Ontario. NAPA Ontario Leagues believe in family values and we will never ask to take up any of your weekends or holidays to play in our leagues.
Rob MacArthur
North American Poolshooters Association – Ontario, Canada

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