NAPA Now Offers Singles Leagues

North American Poolshooters Association Announces They Now Offer Singles Leagues

The Ontario Chapter of the North American Poolshooters Association announced today that they now will be offering singles leagues as part of their billiards offering.
Besides Scotch Doubles and 3, 4 and 5 match Team Leagues, pool players will now have the option in playing in 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball and Lagger’s Choice Leagues in Singles format.
Players already have the choice of mixed, female, male and family leagues, as well as skill limit and no skill limit and coaching and non-coaching leagues.NAPA Pool League
League officials feel this will be a great way to introduce new players and build new leagues.
The North America Poolshooters Association (NAPA) is the managing body of NAPA pool leagues throughout the United States and Canada. The focus of the NAPA is to provide a unique and competitive playing ground for pool shooters across North America.
NAPA Ontario benefits include: No Annual Membership Fees; Cash and Trophies; National Qualification; Comprehensive Online Play and Team Stats and Data; Local and National Ranking; Qualify for Nationals Once and Keep Your Spot; Pay One Session Fee and Pay No More; No Regionals; No Holiday or Long Weekend Play; Invites to NAPA Exclusive Special Events; A Superior Handicapping and Anti-Sandbagging System; Easy Mobile Scoring.
For more information contact Rob MacArthur at 905.903.6425 or through the web site at
For more information on NAPA visit the NAPA National web site at

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