Morra Takes it to the Bank

Fellow Canadian John Morra made his way to the finals of the Derby City Bank Pool event at the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana without taking a loss. There were 404 players at the beginning of this event, but only two remained after 12 rounds of play. Shane Van Boening would have the difficult task of beating Morra in two consecutive sets.
The two finalists entertained the the crowd in the first set displaying their impressive bank pool skills. With the score tied 2-2 Morra was one ball away from victory. A few close shots by John drew some gasps from the stands. Shane managed to hold off Morra taking the first set 3-2. John wisely used his $50 buyback option to force the final deciding set against Van Boening.

File photo courtesy of Keith Alford
In the final match, a calm and composed Morra took the first game very quickly. Some controversy came about in the second rack with the score tied 4-4. Shane pocketed a two rail bank without calling the pocket. When questioned by John, the referee awarded the game to Morra. Shane took the next game to bring the score to 2-1. Afetr a few long banks by Van Boening which hung in the pocket defying gravity. Morra grasped the opportunity for the title clenching his fist with the final bank in the side.
This is the second consecutive year a Canadian player has took this title. Last year Alex Pagulayan beat Ronnie Alcano in the finals in the same event. Play continues this week with One-Pocket and 9-Ball.

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