Fun Billiards Match with China & Philippines Raises Money & Awareness for Charity

Siming Chen of China and Efren Reyes of Philippines raised money for the flood charity at Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas.
Manila, Philippines- The sport of billiards united China and Philippines for a noble cause. ABS-CBN and Dragon Promotions took a pause during the Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship for a special presentation on ABS-CBN’s Studio 23 to raise money for ABS-CBN Foundation’s Sagip Kapamilya to help victims of the recent storms.
A fan is surrounded by celebrities Peter Musngi, SIming Chen, and Shane Sinnott

An OB Cue, a top American manufactured cuestick, was raffled off and two lucky winners came out to join pool teams led by Efren Reyes and China women’s champ Siming Chen. Chen actually went on to get to the finals of the World Championship the following day. The sponsors contributing to the charity also joined the teams including ABS-CBN Sports Vice-President Peter Musngi, Dragon Promotions CEO Cindy Lee, Yalin Billiards President Eric Ding, and OB Cues Sales Director Shane Sinnott.
“I think that’s very good karma for Siming from her help to the Filipino people”, commented Charlie Williams on Chen’s next two wins in the quarter and semi-finals. Williams was the event producer and MC during the charity match.
Cindy Lee
Eric Ding

The 8-Ball charity match featured each person taking turns on shots and actually everyone made at least one ball. In the end, it was Efren Reyes who shot the final 8-Ball with a fancy bank shot which he made to the cheers of the audience. “That’s why he’s called the magician”, said Williams to the fans. A total of P40,000 was generated that day for the cause. And more importantly, the symbolic gesture of goodwill from the two powerhouse billiard countries.
Musngi pockets his ball under the watchful eye of Bata Reyes!
“It’s heartwarming to see such great effort and support from foreign players and companies to want to help our people. It’s inspiring to see billiards in China and Philippines as a unifying force and just be human beings helping their fellow men”, said Musngi, Vice-President of ABS-CBN Sports.
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