Diamond Pro-Am 9’ pool tables for sale!

Eight DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS Pro-Am 9’ tables are now for sale!

These tables are going to be used at the CANADIAN OPEN POOL CHAMPIONSHIPS being held at the Delta Meadowvale Hotel in Mississauga, Ontario from March 30-April 4th, 2015.
These tables are being built specifically for this event and will be only be used for only 6 day so
they are practically brand new.
The table will have a one piece slate and there will be a limited number of 3-piece slate sets
available as well.
The tables can be purchased any time between now and 4 April 15.
DIAMOND Pro-Am 9’ table Package Includes:

  • 1 x DIAMOND Pro-Am 9’ table
  • 1 x matching DIAMOND light
  • Simonis 860 cloth
  • 1 x set of Cyclop pool balls
  • 1 x matching DIAMOND ball rack.

Prices are listed in the attached Diamond brochure. (Please note that prices do not include HST)
*Pool Table Crew in Houston Texas will deliver and install the table for an additional cost of an estimated $300 US dollars
within a few hundred Kilometres of the venue.
If you would like purchase a table or get more information contact Kyle Richard at or 506-440-5590.

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