Maximum 16 Requires Marathon Matches

On Sunday January 31st twenty-six pairs of players paraded to Petrina’s for some pairs pool. The true doubles format; with players shooting until they miss at the table brought out some great teams and there were no clear favourites. With Chris Pegg, John White, Brian Belobradic, Raymond Cruz and Derrick Claus in the field this was going to be a true battle on the bar-box.
The tournament started at 10:30 due to players arriving late and did not finish until 6:00 am the next morning because of marathon matches with teams fighting tooth and nail for the win.  The long day was worth it for those who cashed; the combined purse was almost $7000.00
In the end the team of Terry Martin and Benny Maltese defeated Joshua Bryan and Dean MacNaughton in a race to six for the title. Both teams had previously matched -up in the A-side final.
The tournament was ably administered by Barry Hetherington, whose English is improving dramatically. The tournament was slowed a bit by the grinding action of players fighting for match survival but players certainly appreciated the tension and competition.  Of special note was the play of the Fonzie Chiong and Ken Chand who lost their second match but battled back on the B-Side to to finish third.

A very special thanks to the ladies who participated: the ever affable Sarah Love who played with John White, and the effervescent Simone Lippa who partnered with Raymond Cruz.
1st  Benny Maltese / Terry Martin                     $1500/$900
2nd Joshua Bryan / Dean MacNaughton              $1000/$600
3rd Fonz Chiong / Ken Chand                           $700/500
4th Brian Belobradic / Darren Whitworth          $500/$360
5th Simone Lippa / Raymond Cruz                    $300
6th Bill Peters / Mike Van Eck                          $300
Hope to see everyone in April for our next Max 16…

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