Greg Ross takes Petrinas 8-Ball

On Sunday February 16, Petrina’s Tap and Billiards in Ajax hosted the fourth event of their 8-ball Series. The event was well attended with twenty-two cueists showing up for the shoot-out. This was the toughest field of the series so far; with four Ontario Class bar box players in attendance. As always, Barry Hetherington, the Tournament Director, gave the players their marching orders and play commenced promptly after the calcutta.
The A-Side had several upset matches. Wayne Tate (110) fell to Greg Ross (88) by a score of (4-4). Brian Belobradic (117) was relegated to the B-Side by newcomer Arman Pangilinan (90) by a (4-4) score as well. Wayne Tate, could do no better on B-side and lost a hill-hill match to Paul Cummins (85) (6-4). Paul Cummins was a giant slayer on the B-Side. After knocking off Wayne Tate, he met Brian Belobradic and defeated him easily (4-1) to make the B-Side final.
Chris Pegg (115), one of Ontario’s finest bar box players came to play and brought his A-game. Chris had wins of (7-2), (6-1), and (9-2) over Paul Cummins (85), Brad Guthrie (113) and Blair Janes (64) to advance to the A-Side Final. Greg Ross (88) after defeating Wayne Tate (4-4) had wins of (5-4), (5-1), and (5-0) over Tom Fraser (95), Dan Seens (66) and George Cuvalo (82) to make it to the A-Side hot seat against the formidable Chris Pegg.  Randy Johnson (87) a tour regular had to face Chris Pegg in his first match of the day and after a (2-7) loss marched all the way thru the B-Side with wins of (6-1), (6-2), and (5-3) over Mathew Bell (57), Victoria Smith (50) and Leon Curtin (87).
Randy JohnsonThe A-Side was set Chris Pegg (115) versus Greg Ross (88). The two players both played great but in the end Greg Ross bested Chris Pegg by a (4-6) score. This is Greg’s first win a while and he enjoyed the win and the cash. On the B-Side Paul Cummins (85) played Randy Johnson (87) in an even match – resulting in a win by Randy by a score of (5-4)
Next Event is March 15th and March 16th. A double weekend tournament with a double Calcutta.
Tournament Payouts
Greg Ross $260 + $200 CalcuttaChris Pegg
Chris Pegg $175 + $135 Calcutta
Randy Johnson $175 + $135 Calcutta
Paul Cummins $115 + $85 Calcutta
The Tour Points Fund is over $600.00

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