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Lucasi Cues Amateur Shootout

Big Wigs Billiards, Newmarket Ontario – November 19th – Well folks we had 24 entries, everyone got to play 25 games in the round robin, 8 players made the cut for the money and everyone had a great time. All of this for a $35 entry fee!
We were all done and out of there by 8pm! I would rather have a small field of players who enjoy just playing for the sake of playing, and appreciate what you do for them. No drama, no disputes about handicaps and no complaints about the money, made for a very enjoyable day. This tour is not for those who are looking to grab the cash, it is for those who want to get lots of match play and improve their game, along with the opportunity to make a little cash.
Our finale will be on March 10th, 2012 at Big Wig’s and it will be a $1000 added event. You must participate in at least 2 events to be eligible for the championships. There are a lot of you out there who can participate in this tour, with your help we can build this into something big! There is NO MEMBERSHIP required, just your participation in helping us to grow our sport from the grassroots level.
A special thank you to Lucasi Cues, Simonis Cloth and Atlas Billiard Supplies for their generosity, and to Big Wig’s and Stroker’s for hosting our events.
See you at Strokers December 10th!
1st – Rob Comeau $200
2nd – Jackson Revel $150
3rd-4th – Jim Martin $75
3rd-4th – Clay Bowmen $75
5th-8th – Ryan Machell $25
5th-8th – Nick Toulis $25
5th-8th – Gord Graham $25
5th-8th – Kevin Hurd $25

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