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CJWiley_AdI know using a loose grip is “commonly taught” and it does help to overcome other bad technical issues to have a loose grip. In other words you can re direct the cue with a loose grip if you are fundamentally addressing the cue ball incorrectly. I actually see this quite a bit with players that get to a level “5-7” and hit an “improvement wall” and can’t figure out why (on their own).
I highly recommend experimenting with your grip pressure and keep it more consistent. A good way to test it is to hold your cue with your regular grip and put the tip out in front of you and write your own name in the air…… – Feel the tip controlled {precisely} in your hand while writing the imaginary letters and “real eyes” that controlling that tip is VERY essential to playing at your highest level.
When your game gets better and better you can still experiment with the pressure and perhaps lesson it over time……or not, it depends on your personality more than anything. If you’re strong and aggressive you’ll hold it different than someone that’s weak and defensive, it’s that simple in most cases although it can be a combination of many other factors. I certainly can’t tell someone how they “feel” the best….it’s entirely up to them.
Someone like Earl Strickland uses a firmer grip while someone like John S. chooses to use a softer one (although I imagine he still controls the cue well in his fingers). Different type shots also require a different grip pressure, the finesse shots will lean toward soft and the more demanding shots will lean towards firm…..this is my “rule of thumb,” but not for everyone.
My suggestion is to experiment and don’t just do what someone tells you because many “players” will say a “loose grip” is best and most of them don’t play well under pressure….. their grip may be one of the reasons, I certainly believe it’s possible. ‘The Game is the Teacher ‘

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