Results from the Mess Cues 9/10 Shootout

KLATT APPLETONThis weekend saw another installment in a very familiar trend of new tournament format which seeks to raise the traditional lower entry fees and narrow the field down to a prestigious group of players. The site for this weekends tournament was Smoketown, Pennsylvania at Cross Corner Billiards where the Mezz 9 ball and 10 ball shootouts were held.
Both tournaments were 1 day events, each with a 16 player field and all of the $150 entry fee going back into the prize fund. Saturday saw the tournament kick off with the race to nine 10 ball division. Most of the favourites advanced through to the semi finals on the winners side, setting up match-ups with Darren Appleton vs Jason Klatt and Danny Mastermaker vs Matt Krah.
The match between the two premiere players in the tournament, Klatt and Appleton, came down to the wire with Jason edging out a 9-8 victory. In the other half of the winners side Danny Mastermaker, originally from Virginia defeated Matt Krah. Klatt would then go on to win against Mastermaker in the winners side final, booking himself a place in the race to 13 single elimination finals.danny vs klATT
On the losers side the very talented field which included world champion Darren Appleton, battled off for a spot against Klatt in the final. Danny Mastermaker would emerge victorious from this group and would return for a rematch against Klatt. This matchup would not disappoint as Mastermaker pulled off a thrilling 13-12 victory for the well deserved win.
Next up was the 9 ball division on Sunday and this time Klatt and Appleton were on opposite sides of the draw. As expected, although I guarantee you not with ease considering the strength of the field, Klatt and Appleton advanced to the winners side final. This time Appleton defeated Klatt. Klatt then went on to defeat Scott Haas for a rematch with Appleton. In their 3rd match up of the weekend Appleton got the best of it this time taking down the title in the 9 ball division rounding up an eventful weekend of play at Cross Corner Billiards in Pennsylvania.

    10 Ball division

1st Danny Mastermaker $900
2nd Jason Klatt $600

    9 Ball division

1st Darren Appleton $1100
2nd Jason Klatt $700
3rd Scott Haas $400
4th Lee Brett $200

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