Results from the John Furman Memorial Tournament

I would first like to start off by thanking J.D. Botsford for the use of his Pool hall. I would also like to thank Chris Correia as he stayed open late to let us cram this event into one day. I would also like to thank Brad Lucas for his help with running the Tournament doing the Calcutta and Promoting this event. I would also like to thank all the players that showed up because without you this event wouldn’t have been possible.
This event started off with 39 players which was a better turn out then the year before. At the end of the night there was 2 standing Erik Hjorleifson and Toby Huang. Erik who was knocked to the B side after his first match had an incredible run as he never lost a match from there on out. Toby went through the A side where he ended up winning the A side final against Ryan Ven Hest.
The winner of this year’s John Furman Memorial is Toby Huang as Erik Hjorleifson and he decided to chop. I hope with years to come this event will grow stronger and be able to fill up. The Break Room is one of the best Halls in Ontario to hold Tournaments as there is ample space filled with Gold Crowns. The Break Room will continue to hold this event every year. Who will take the Cup next year is the Question.
1st Toby Huang $700
2nd Erik Hjorleifson $400
3rd Ryan Ven Hest $250
4th Adam Monture $150
5th Steve Barnhart $100
6th Don Leone $100
7th Dave Lettner $50
8th Tony Hong $50

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