Accu-Stats Video Productions Welcomes New Owner

Avondale, Az (May 11th, 2022) – Accu-Stats Video Productions is happy to announce that it has a new proprietor: BCA Hall-of-Famer Pat Fleming has sold Accu-Stats to Mike Howerton of AZBilliards.

Fleming expressed, “I couldn’t be happier in committing my lifetime’s accomplishment, Accu-Stats, to Mike Howerton. He is a well-respected, trusted, and energetic individual who is held in the highest regard by the billiard community. He will tend to this historic collection with care and respect. I am proud of him already.”

“I’m ecstatic,” enthused Howerton. “I grew up, and learned to love this game watching Accu-Stats videos. I’m truly honored to be entrusted with all that Pat has created.”

While Fleming intends to spend more time with his lovely wife, Diane; competing in the occasional tournament; enjoying his non-pool related hobbies, he will continue to produce and stream the International Open and Derby City Classic.

Howerton reflected that he has no plans for any major changes to Accu-Stats. “What’s to change? I can’t imagine any reason to change anything. Pat has built an amazing library immortalizing the greatest players in our sport. I just want to respectfully cultivate that archive so the world can enjoy the fruits of his legacy.”

AZBilliards was first launched in 1998 to cover the Arizona pool scene. AZ is now the leading source for billiards news in North America.

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