82 players for Final Tournament of the Season in Valleyfield


Éric Lévesque, Sylvain Filiatrault,  Maxime Chicoine
Éric Lévesque, Sylvain Filiatrault, Maxime Chicoine

Last weekend Dooly’s Valleyfield was the host for the 6th annual end of season handicapped tournament for the Federation Quebecoise (FQSB). The Federation organizes a circuit of tournaments that are played out of the Montreal region; it has divisions for every level, C through Professional.
This year was one of the best attended as 82 players showed up to take a stab at the $3000 added prize pool. There was also a record Calcutta of $5,815, which added some excitement as there was a large amount of money to win. On Saturday they played down to the final 16 who came back Sunday morning to shoot it out for the top prize.
It was Sylvain Filiatrault, a level A player and local shooter, who proved too hard to beat as he played a solid tournament and went undefeated to claim the $1,000 first prize. He met up with AA player Eric Levesque who had an impressive tournament, battling back from the B side to claim 2nd place and $700.
Tournament Pay Out

Filiatrault, Sylvain 1st 1000 $
Lévesque, Éric 2nd 700 $
Chicoine, Maxime 3rd 500 $
Otis, Pierre 4th 340 $
Pétrin, Karl 5-6th 250 $
Bélanger, Jean-Guy 5-6th 250 $
Parent, Alain 7-8th 180 $
Zbikowski, Denys 7-8th 180 $
Gagnon, Mario 9-12th 130 $
Abrouq, Anas 9-12th 130 $
Ellis, Everald 9-12th 130 $
St-Onge, Serge 9-12th 130 $
Martin, Steve 13-16th 80 $
Morissette, Pierre 13-16th 80 $
Malo, Benoît 13-16th 80 $
Patoine, Renaud 13-16th 80 $
Goulet, Jocelyn 17-24th 50 $
Plante, Serge 17-24th 50 $
Tremblay, Jeff 17-24th 50 $
Gagné, Daniel 17-24th 50 $
Roy, Luc 17-24th 50 $
Legault, Jocelyn 17-24th 50 $
Poudrier, Alain 17-24th 50 $
Morel, Daniel 17-24th 50 $

Calcutta Pay Out

Andre Dube-$2000 Split with Filiatraut
Sylvain Gringras-$1400
Karl Mixer-$915
Christian Issabelle-$500
Karl Petrin/Serge St-Onge-$300
Andre Dube/Roger Theriault-$200


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