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On Thursday, April 10, 2014, Michelle’s weekly Blind Draw Scotch Doubles tournaments came to a close as 12 teams vied for their share of the $844 prize pool. Between the tournament prize fund and the 10 Ball Break and Run Jackpot, 14 of the 24 players walked away with a portion of the $1269 that was up for grabs. It was only fitting that the four finalists, Bonnie Reynolds, Colin Kerr, Steve Viau and Randy Ricard were amongst the most avid supporters of this event throughout the session. These players were all in the top 10 in the point race and therefore, received free entry into this tournament.
As fate would have it, the top 2 players this session, Bonnie Reynolds (4) & Colin Kerr (7), who both won four events this session, were finally paired together and proved why they have been so dominant throughout this session. Bonnie & Colin breezed through the A Division without losing a game with 3-0 victories over Gene Lew (7) & Neil Woo (4), Greg Welbanks (7) & James Stevens (4) and Derek Bedard (7) & Kris Hansen (4). Gene & Neil were able to secure victories over the other two teams to finish in 2nd place in the division and advance to the quarter finals.
In the B Division, Steve Viau (7) & Randy Ricard (4) secured the division title with a 3-0 victory over Randy Johnson (7) & Linda Saville (3) and besting Paul Schinkel (6) & Jenn Comeau (4) by a 3-1 score. Steve & Randy lost their last match in a hill-hill battle to Peter Linkletter (6) & Steve Horvath (4) which guaranteed both of these teams to advance to the quarter finals.
Simon Yeung (5) & Gemma Pratt (4) dominated the C Division with 3-1 victories over Stefan Bonnici (5) & Matt Bell (4) and Brian Belobradic (7) & Sharon Cullen (2) before completing their sweep of the division with a shutout victory over Scott Templeton (5) & Mike Horvath (4). Stefan & Matt secured 2nd place in the division with their 3-0 victory over Brian & Sharon in the final match.
So the stage was set for the quarter-finals, with the top two teams Colin & Bonnie with a perfect 3-0 record in matches and a 9-0 record in games and Simon & Gemma with a 3-0 record in matches and a 9-2 record in games in the round robin play receiving byes to the semi-finals. Stefan Bonnici & Matt Bell breezed by Peter Linkletter & Steve Horvath 3-0 to advance to the first semi-final match against Colin Kerr & Bonnie Reynolds. Steve Viau & Randy Ricard defeated Gene Lew & Neil Woo by a 3-1 margin to advance to the other semi-final where Simon Yeung & Gemma Pratt awaited.
In the fist semi-final, Colin & Bonnie had to win four games to Stefan & Matt’s three. Colin & Bonnie showed their first signs of vulnerability, as they were down 2-2 when Stefan narrowly missed his last ball, as he tried to hold the cue ball for shape on the 8 Ball. Colin & Bonnie proceeded to run out the game to force the hill-hill decider. They then concluded the match with a perfectly executed break and run to advance to the finals.
In the other semi-final, Steve & Randy, who had to win four games to Simon & Gemma’s three caught their stride and advanced to the finals with a convincing 4-0 rout.
Both teams understandably elected to shorten their long evening and split the finals and the third place match. So the final results were as follows:
1st place / 2nd place:    Colin Kerr & Bonnie Reynolds       $297
                                   Steve Viau & Randy Ricard                        $297
3rd place / 4th place:    Stefan Bonnici & Matt Bell              $125
                                          Simon Yeung & Gemma Pratt         $125
As there was no confirmation that this weekly event would continue, the 8 Ball Three Rail Jackpot was combined with the 10 Ball Break and Run Jackpot and teams were drawn until the $425 Jackpot was awarded. After 37 attempts, the Jackpot was finally exhausted as the teams slowly diminished the Jackpot with each attempt. Many teams who had purchased additional tickets had multiple attempts at the Jackpot with only the following six teams winning a share of the $425:
Colin Kerr & Bonnie Reynolds                   $159
Steve Viau & Randy Ricard                           $107
Brian Belobradic & Sharon Cullen             $75
Greg Welbanks & James Stevens                $40
Stefan Bonnici & Matt Bell                          $23
Gene Lew & Neil Woo                                  $21
Unfortunately, Michelle’s Billiard’s and Lounge has yet to decide to continue this weekly tournament. I would like to thank everyone for their support and participation during the previous 13 weeks and offer congratulations to all the winners who took home a portion of the $1269 from the Championship.

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