Tough victory over favored Ouschan in the final

Mazhirina takes the crown

St. Johann, Austria: With a strong performance, Ana Mazhirina (RUS) conquered the crown of the Ballazzo Women’s Euro-Tour in St. Johann/Pg. in Austria over local star Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) with 7:4.
Mazhirina already played a very good semi-final match with Ina Kaplan (GER) where she clearly remained the upper hand with 7:3. Ouschan had more problems with Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS) but after she was trailing 1:4, she was able to turn the match and win it in the end with 7:4. The final match started very much alike. Mazhirina had some better rolls including a 9-ball- break which brought her a 3:0 lead over local hero Ouschan. But then the tide seemed to turn and Ouschan got into “winner-mode”. She took the next four racks and lead 4:3 in the match. In the 8th rack, Mazhirina forced Ouschan to commit a foul and she leveled the match at 4:4. Ouschan broke the next rack and unfortunately scratched. Mazhirina showed no mercy and finished the rack, taking again a 5:4 lead over Ouschan. The story of the semi-final would not be repeated in the final, that was clear now. Rack number ten saw a break and run from Mazhirina which was a demonstration of her class. Being the underdog in the match with Ouschan, she managed to get back in the game and even went on the hill with 6:4, putting a huge amount of pressure on Ouschan. The Austrian had no got lay after the break and decided to play a safety shot which turned out to be not good enough. Mazhirina could see the ball on and finished the rack, winning the match with 7:4 and the title of the Ballazzo Women’s Euro Tour in Austria 2013.

Ana Mazhirina
The winner of the Ballazzo Women’s Euro-Tour in Austria, Ana Mazhirina (RUS)

Final Eight Ballazzo Women’s Euro Tour Austria 2013

 Rank                                       Name                                     Points            Prize

1.      Ana Mazhirina (RUS)                                         550     1.000,-€
2.      Jasmin Ouschan (AUT)                                     480     600,-€
3.      Ina Kaplan (GER)                                              420     600,-€
Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS)                                 420     600,-€
5.       Martine Christiansen (NOR)                        370    600,-€
Caroline Roos (SWE)                                   370    600,-€
Louise Furberg (SWE)                                 370    600,-€
Jennifer Vietz (GER)                                    370    600,-€
Top Ten European Women’s Ranking                                   
Rank                                                Name                                               Points
1.      Ana Mazhirina (RUS)                                                            2045
2.      Caroline Roos (SWE)                                                           1955
3.      Ina Kaplan (GER)                                                                 1922
4.      Martine Christiansen (NOR)                                                 1850
5.      Kynthia Orfanidis (NED)                                                       1645
6.      Louise Furberg (SWE)                                                          1575
7.      lne Helvik (NOR)                                                                  1552
8.      Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS)                                                    1535
9.      Barbara Bolfelli (ITA)                                                             1419
10.     Sandra Baumgartner (AUT)                                                  1410
That concludes the coverage of the Ballazzo Women’s Euro-Tour Austria 2013.
The event was hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European  Pocket  Billiard  Federation  (EPBF)  and  organized  by  International   Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or contact our press office.

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