“The Terminator” is back in business

Niels Feijen (NED), also known as „The Terminator“, has just won the Zagreb Open 2018 with an impressive 9:5 victory over last year’s winner Sanjin Pehlivanovic (BIH) in the final match.

His elbow has created severe problems for the Dutch premier player. Therefore, he had to lay down his cue stick for a while and recover. It seems that this period did not harm him at all. The Zagreb Open 2018 was filled with 128 players, including big names such as Albin Ouschan (AUT), Roberto Bartol (CRO), Sandor Tot (HUN), and Zoran Svilar (SRB), just to name a few. However, „The Terminator“ made his way into the final with 7 straight victories, leaving no room for doubt that he wanted to show the pool world that he is back in the game. In the quarter-final, he ousted Ioan Ladanyi (ROM) 9:4 and in the semi-final he took care of Albin Ouschan 9:6. His opponent in the final match, Sanjin Pehlivanovic, defeated Zoran Svilar in the quarter-final 9:5 and then took down Roberto Bartol as clearly as 9:2 in the semi-final match. In the showdown match, Feijen dominated Pehlivanovic and did not allow him to repeat his victory from last year.

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