EPBF says "Thank you" to all fans

22.334…. 273.465… over 500.000… those numbers are not anybody’s phone number but are a result of our fans, especially on facebook who enjoy our service for quite some time now.
Currently, we have 22.334 fans who subscribed to the EPBF facebook page and we are still growing. We have an average reach of over 200.000 per day of our events. And we have people who watched over 500.000 minutes of our matches … within the last 7 days only! This is a massive response by our fanbase and EPBF would like to say „Thank you!“ for all your support and interest. You, the fans, are the main reason why we do what we do and if we see these results, we know we are on a good way with a bright future in front of us. „Seeing those figures makes us very happy“, stated EPBF President Gre Leenders, „and it is amazing to see how many people follow closely what we are doing!“
In our recent Euro-Tour event, the Dynamic Billard BHR Treviso Open 2018 in Italy, we had most matches with a peak viewership of over 700 simultaneous viewers! Several matches even had over 1400 fans watching us at the same time. On top of that, we also have the large number of viewers on who are our partners for broadcasting and producing the footage for our events. While EPBF „only“ provides a few matches per day on facebook live, fans can watch every table during the whole event on if they hold a premium membership pass. In our recent Euro-Tour alone that was more than 350 matches for men and women.
These figures show us quite impressively that we are working in the right direction. Thanks for all the support out there! Spread the word even more so we might be able to reach 50.000 fans on the EPBF Facebook page or 1.000.000 minutes watched within a week… Together we will make the sport bigger and better!

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