Derby City Classic

The Banks are Open

DCC_PosterUnless you have been living in a box, you should be well aware the 2013 Derby City Classic is up and running. This year marks the 15th consecutive year of this event. Whether it be Bank Pool, One Pocket, Straight Pool, 9-Ball or 10-Ball, no other event draws such a wide variety of players. You can surely find a game at this event, just be sure to bring your bankroll.
The event opened on Friday, January 25th with 353 players entering the Bank Pool event. All eyes were on the reigning bank champion John Morra who lasted 6 rounds before bowing out to Dee Adkins. Alex Pagulayan was eliminated by Justin Hall in the 8th round. Going into the 9th round, the following players still remain in the Banks event:
Justin Hall (1)
Francisco Bustamante (0)
Skyler Woodward (1)
John Brumback (1)
Warren Kiamco (1)
Brandon Shuff (1)
Louis DeMarco Jr (1)
Joseph Gray (0)
Thorsten Hohmann (1)
Shannon Murphy (0)
Carlo Biado (1)
Robb Saez (1)
Brian Groce (1)
There were 302 players in the One Pocket event which started Sunday. Live match results can be found HERE
Stay tuned!

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