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Will the Game Ever Be Entertaining?

CJWiley_AdPeople talk about how much better the pool commentary should be. However, they are doing the best they can with what they have a been given……..a game that’s unexciting at it’s core, a game that is so predictable that it’s boring, yet so difficult to control that it appears unorganized.
What I mean is, after the break there’s no guarantee that the game will ever be entertaining. So if you look at each game like they could be a possible “10” (in entertainment value) most one foul games register about a 3 or 4 (out of 10).
I like to watch players like Rodney Morris and Johnny Archer make difficult shots that have a safety factor. This the classic “two way shot,” one of the most creative and difficult shots in the game. Another shot that has been removed is “the spot shot,” which is also a skillful shot, much more than the “ball in hand shot” you see so often.
Two Foul 9 Ball is a different game altogether, especially when the break is neutralized and you can see what the deeper strategy is all about. For the most part “breaking and running out,” isn’t any more exciting (once a pro is in line) than watching a series of 2 foot putts by a golfer. Imagine golf’s ratings on TV is they only showed the putts? Yet we try to show a professional pool player run 6 balls with “ball in hand”?
The better a player plays position the worse off the TV audience, they are in for an hour of mundane (yet effective to win) pool that never gives them the spark to play themselves. This is the reason it’s a poor TV game, not because of the players, money or game, it’s because the rules aren’t designed to bring out dynamic shot-making and clever, strategic movement.
I’m not suggesting changing the one foul “Texas Express Rules,” they are perfect for league and amateur play. My point is that the rules need to be adjusted to make sure the audience sees the best of the game – racking, breaking and kicking must be removed to give the game a legitimate chance for consistent televised coverage. {imho} ‘The Game is the Teacher www.cjwiley.com

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