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Pure X 2013 CCS Canadian 8/9 Ball Championship Results

The Rock Sweeps

The Island Gurls Sweep – Again!

CCS Added $14,700

  • Cash –  $2100
  • 2014 CC Return Trips – $4175
  • 2014 CC Entries – $7225
  • Pure X Cues –  $1200

The 18th Annual Pure X CCS Canadian8/9 Ball Championships were held March 26-30that theDelta Meadowvale Resort Hotel in Mississagua ON.
What an action packed 5 days it was! Great players from all over Canada competing for  National Titles in 10 different Events in 8Ball and 9Ball. All super organized and in a Ballroom setting – it just doesn’t get any better.
A big congrats to the new Standard, Open and Advanced Division Champions; all of whom will receive paid Entries and/or Trips to the 2014 Canadians.
Fending off everyone in the Advanced Team events, it was the year of sweeps, as both the TheRockteam from Toronto ON and the Island Gurls from Victoria BC won both the 8Ball and 9Ball! With their record in recent years, they are definitely the teams to beat.
It really helps your cause when you have a National 8Ball Singles Champ (or 2 or 3) on your team.
For the Rock team, it was Chris Woods who won this year’s 8Ball Advanced Singles. That makes three, as teammates Al Logan and Rob Hall are former National 8Ball Singles Champs.
On the Womens side, it was Maryann McConnell from the Island Gurls, who won the 8Ball Advanced Singles and joins teammate Andrea Wilson as a National Singles Champ.
A great new feature this year was the online Tournament System used for the first time in the Canadians by the Tournament Director – Gary Benson. Replacing all the hard copy Tournament Charts, it proved to be easy to use and very convenient.
Coupled with the introduction of Green Fees instead of plugging the tables, it helped make for a very hassle free and fun tournament.
Not all the action was in the tournament room. Out in the Foyer, the legendary Dr. Cue Tom Rossmanput on both incredible and humorous displays of artistic pool skill all throughout team play. He is the epitome of – How did he do that?
A great tournament takes a lot of help. The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank:

  • the DeltaMeadowvale Resort Hotel for hosting us.
  • Hi Country Promotions of Las Vegas for the Valley Tables and Tournament Direction by the legendary Gary Benson from Ft. Collins CO.
  • the ACS certified Referee Crew headed by Wayne Dwyer (Scarborough ON).
  • all the Sponsors – Pure X Cues, Billiard Shoppe, F.G. Bradley, Table Sports Canada, Jim Wych/Jeff White, Hustlin Apparel and BDR Transfers (shirt people).

The 19th Annual Pure X2014 CCS Canadian 8/9 Ball Championships will be held once again on Easter Weekend April 14-19that the Delta MeadowvaleResort Hotel in Mississauga ON. For more information, visit   or call (403) 278-4180.
Here are the tourney hi-lights and all the new Champions:
Mens Team
3 years, 3 wins – that’s a pattern. They make it look easy when it’s anything but. The Rock team from Toronto does it again (Captain – Vince MacIntyre, Chris Wood, Al Logan) by fending off all comers to claim another title. Watch out for next year though. The Looney Pool team from Windsor ON (Captain – Frank Binck, Tony Marques, Harvey Shognosh) is moving on up, having finished 3rd last year and making  the Finals this year.
Finishing 3rd was the Maritime all-star team 8 Up from Halifax NS (Captain – Dave Boone, Greg Wilson, Pat Briand, Pat Brown, Colin Maloney, Dale Brimicombe).
Womens Team
Making the long trip worth it, this year’s Champs are working on their own pattern having won last year too. Once again, it was the Island Gurls from Victoria BC (Captain – Maryann McConnell, Andrea Wilson, Karen Rathlou) winning out in the Finals in a rematch against last year’s Runner-ups, theFocus team from Milton ON (Captain – Leslie Pasieka, Grace Nakamura, Darlene Gardiner, Hanna Kwong).
Finishing 3rd was the Dragonladies team from Scarborough ON (Captain – Daile Moffat, Loreen Toutant, Brenda Phillips-Ridge, Lynette Valencia).
Mens Team
A Advanced – How tough was the competition? There were 5 former national Champions in the field! It was The Rock team from Toronto ON (Captain – Vince MacIntyre, Chris Pegg, Chris Woods, Al Logan, Rob Hall, Bill Lockerby III) who came out on top in the Finals against the 2012 Champs, theYoung Guns team from Windsor ON (Captain – Harvey Shognosh, Pahdahsung Shognosh, Mike Sarazin, Kyle Leclair, Kevin White) and claimed their 3rd title in 4 years!
Finishing 3rd were the 2009 Champs, Team Spain OLA! From Calgary AB (Captain – Mike Burton, Brad Whyte, Mike Aboudaher, Mark Vinogradov, Pete Sky).
B Open – This is why we have Qualifying. Very unusual, but for the 2nd year in a row, a team came up from Standard Qualifying and went on to claim the Open title. No one can say they dogged it. This year it was the Scoobie Snacks from Toronto ON (Captain – Natasha Khan, Carlin Sanderson, Laurent Saletti, Peter Hetherington, A.J. Tibayan, Gene Lew) over the Rock OutWith Your Chalk Out team from Newmarket ON (Captain – Ryan Millar, Rob Henry, Dean MacNaughton, Rob Johnson, Dennis Rhodes).
Finishing 3rd was the Republic of NFLD from St. Johns NL (Captain – Jim Nolander, Tony Conway, Steve Hann, Randy Tucker, Dennis Penny).
C Standard – Teams from Windsor ON continue to add to their fine record with the No Reservationsteam (Captain – Wayne Pheasant, Ken Kamrad, Paul Shaften, Jeff Seremack John Lidell) claiming the tile in the Finals over the Devil’s Lettuce team from Bowmanville ON (Captain – Dale Bannerman, Robb Rene, Shawn Higgins, Jason Weinhold, Sean Wynacht, Wayne Tate).
Finishing 3rd was the Kelly’s team from Charlottetown PEI (Captain – Justin D’eon, Ryan Mahoney, Jeremy Long, Adam Proffit, Trevor Gallant). Hats off  to the boys from PEI who have been huge supporters of the Canadians for years.
Womens Team
A Advanced – This was a replay of the Womens 9Ball Team finals – same two teams and same result. Proving that last year’s win was no fluke, it was the Island Gurls team from Victoria BC (Captain – Maryann McConnell, Andrea Wilson, Karen Rathlou, Mary Rayner) who claimed their 2ndtitle by winning out in the Finals over the F.O.C.U.S. team from Milton ON (Captain – Leslie Pasieka, Grace Nakamura, Darlene Gardiner, Hanna Kwong).
Finishing 3rd,having played really well, was the Stacked Racks team from Milton On (Captain – Sue Okowita, Dawn Craigie, Veronica St, Jean, Sharon Gibson, Amanda Mariketa, Stephanie Virag) who were Open Finalists last year.
B Open – Close in the past, this year the Artista Cats from St.Catharines ON (Captain – Jennifer Deighton, Angie Newbold, Melvina Youg, Tracy Phelan) went the distance and claimed their 1st title by winning out over the Victorious Secret team from Toronto ON (Captain – Erin Summers, Carol Krasovskis, Lesley Boulrice, Jeanine Arseneault, Danidee Nailat).
Finishing 3rd for the second year in a row were the Press Box Ladies team from Kitchener ON (Captain – Anne Correia, Siobain McIntyre, Terri-Lee, Schmidt, Debra MacDonald).
We welcome ACS players to our tournaments and this year’s Champ came from Portage IN. It was Laurent Saletti John Golarz who came out on top over Dave Boone from Halifax NS.
Finishing 3rd was Dave Mills from St. Catharines ON.
I think this year’s Champ likes 9Ball. It was Kayla Jones from St. Thomas ON who claimed her 2nd title
in a row by beating out Maryann McConnell from Port Alberni BC in the Finals.
A Advanced – Make it 13 different Champions in the last 15 years! A perennial contender, this year it was Chris Woods of Toronto ON from the fabled The Rock team who claimed the title by winning out over Mike Aboudaher from Calgary AB, the 2009 Finalist.
Finishing 3rd was the ACS American John Golarz from Portage IN whose consistent shot making was pretty to watch.
B Open – Congrats to this year’s Open Champ who had a great tourney. It was Ryan Millar who won out over Mike Patrowicz both of who are from the Newmarket area.
Finishing 3rd was Kyle Leclair from Windsor ON.
C Standard – Continuing the fine play from Newmarket area players, it was Bill Michell from Bracebridge ON who claimed the Standard title by beating out the ACS American player Tom Jaeger from Portage IN.
Finishing 3rd was none other than Graham Randall, the SWOPL league operator from Kitchener ON.
A Advanced – Inspirational to watch; she’s not done yet. It was the very steady Maryann McConnell from Port Alberni BC who claimed her 2nd title in a row by once again winning out over Kayla Jones from St. Thomas ON who was the also the 2012 Finalist.
Finishing 3rd  was Maureen Van de Ven from London ON.
B Open – This year’s Champ is another long time player who loves the game. A familiar face at the Canadians, congrats to Daile Moffat from Barrie ON who won out over Hanna Kwon from Etobicoke ON.
Finishing 3rd was none other than Penny Devos, the St, Catharines league operator and organizer extraordinaire.
Special thanks once again to Larry Heywood of the Strokers Triple A League in London ON who runs a Junior Program there and arranged for them to compete at the Canadians this year.
18 & Under – In the Finals, it was Stuart McTaggart of Keswick ON (2012 Finalist 18&Under) who won out over Kayla Roloson of Springfield ON (2011 14&Under Champ, 2012 3rd 18&Under). These are two very special players to watch out for when they start playing in the regular events!
14 & Under – In the Finals, It was Nicholas Ridley of St.Thomas ON who claimed his 2nd title in a row by winning out over Nicolas Raymond from North Bay ON.
A Advanced – With years of experience playing at the highest level, it was Rob Hall and GraceNakamura who claimed the title by winning out over Hermie Dy of Toronto ON and Loreen Toutant from Kitchener ON.
Finishing 3rd was Wayne Dwyer from Toronto ON and Maryann McConnell from Port Alberni, both of whom are always in the hunt when titles are on the line.
B Open – The players from Peterborough just love Scotch Doubles! It was all Peterborough, as Jim Fitzgerald and Marney Ready won out over Matt Wagar and Ellen Bannon in the Finals.
Finishing 3rd was Michael Gallacher, the PCSL league operator who teamed up with Karen Rathlouof Nanaimo BC.


Pure X 2013 CCS Canadian 8Ball/9Ball Championships

                    John Golarz                 Portage IN                    $850 + 14CC Entry ($100)          
2                      Dave Boone                  Halifax NS                      500
3                      Dave Mills                     St,Catharines ON           350
4                      Jim Nolander                 St. Johns NL                  250
5-6                    Adam Monture              Brantford ON                 175
DJ McGinley Jr.             London ON                    175
7-8                    Brad Guthrie                  Peterborough On           125
Vince MacIntyre             Toronto ON                   125
9-12                  Hermie Dy                     Toronto ON                   100
Larry Wilson                  Victoria BC                   100
Ryan Mahoney              Charlottetown PEI          100
TJ Humber                    Toronto ON                   100
13-16                Colin Mahoney              Shubenacadie NS          14CC Entry ($100)
Dan Devos                    St,Catharines ON           14CC Entry ($100)
Steve Hann                   St. Johns NL                 14CC Entry ($100)
Terry Gulliver                 St. Johns NL                 14CC Entry ($100) 

2nd Chance
1                    AJ Tibayan                   Scarborough ON           150
2                      Tony Nicola                   Toronto ON                   100
3-4                   Brandon Griffin             TBA, ON                        75
Rob Hall                       Toronto ON                    75

Chris Wood
Chris Wood

A Advanced Finals
1                      Chris Woods                Toronto ON                  $1600 + 14CC Trip ($375)         
2                      Mike Aboudaher            Calgary AB                   1000
3                      John Golarz                   Portage IN                    600
4                      Pat Briand                     Lower Sackville NS        350
5-6                    Bill Lockerby III             Scarborough ON           175
Adam Monture               Brantford ON                175
7-8                    Mike Sarazin                 Windsor ON                  14CC A Entry ($175)
Vince MacIntyre             Toronto ON                   14CC A Entry ($175)
B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                      Oliver Johnson              Barrie ON                      300
2                      John Golarz                  Portage IN                     150
B Open Finals
1                      Ryan Millar                 Sharon ON                   $1350 + 14CC A Entry ($175)
2                      Mike Patrowicz              Newmarket ON              850
3                      Kyle Leclair                   Windsor ON                  500
4                      Cory Booth                   Peterborough ON          275
5-6                    Chris Lee                      Barrie ON                      150
Paul Doiron                   Timmins ON                  150
7-8                    Paul Shaften                 Windsor ON                  14CC B Entry ($150)
Tony Marques               Windsor ON                  14CC B Entry ($150)      
C Qualifying Advance to B Finals
1                      Ryan McGee                 Charlottetown PEI          300
2                      Dave Mills                     St, Catharines ON          200
3-4                    Chris Ormston              Peterborough ON            150
Paul Shaften                 Windsor ON                   150
5-8                    Butch Marenger            Timmins ON                   100
Chris Lee                      Barrie ON                      100
Jonathan Sackaney       Niagara ON                   100
Justin  D’eon                 Charlottetown PEI          100
C Standard Finals
1                      Bill Michell                   Bracebridge ON            $1100 + 14CC B Entry ($150)
2                      Tom Jaeger                    Portage IN                      700
3                      Graham Randall             Kitchener ON                  425
4                      Paul Groulx                   St. Catharines ON           275
5-6                    Steven Bennewith          Toronro ON                     175
Jean Morissette             Espanola ON                  175
7-8                    Cory Sharman               Peterborough ON            150
Ray McLeod                 Hamilton ON                    150
9-12                  Chris Marsh                 Kingston NS                 14CC C Entry ($125)
Doug Joy                      Peterborough ON          14CC C Entry ($125)
George Partridge          Kuujjuag QC                  14CC C Entry ($125)
Russ Hynes                 St. Johns NL                 14CC C Entry ($125)
All Finals
1                      Kayla Jones                 St. Thomas ON            $280 + 14CC Entry ($100)
2                      Maryann McConnell       Port Alberni BC             140
3                      TBA                              TBA                             14CC Entry ($100)
2nd Chance
1                      Natasha Khan                Toronto ON                   100
A Advanced Finals
1                      Maryann McConnell     Port Alberni BC            $550 + 14CC Trip ($550)
2                      Kayla Jones                  St. Thomas ON             300
3                      Maureen Van de Ven      London ON                   150
4                      Andrea Wlson               Victoria BC                   14CC Entry ($150)
B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                      Mary Rayner                  Calgary AB                   200
2                      Jeannine Arseneault       Scarborough ON           100
B Open Finals
1                      Daile Moffat                  Barrie ON                     $525 + 14CC A Entry ($150)
2                      Hanna Kwon                  Etobicoke ON                350
3                      Penny Devos                St, Catharines ON           250
4                      Sharon Gibson              Hamilton ON                   175
5-6                    Angie Newbold              St. Catharines ON          125
Lisa Heinen                   Hamilton ON                  125
7-8                    Ellen Bannon                Peterbrough ON              14CC B Entry ($125)
Joanne Ricard               Hamilton                         14CC B Entry ($125)
18 & Under Finals
1                      Stuart MacTaggart         London ON                   Pure X Cue ($300)
2                      Kayla Rolonson             Springfield ON
3                      Derek Sarazin               Windsor ON
14 & Under Finals
1                      Nicholas Ridley          St. Thomas ON             Pure X Cue ($300)
2                      Nicolas Raymond          North Bay ON
3                      Brenden Coenjarts         Sparta ON
A Advanced Finals
1                      Rob Hall                       Scarborough ON          $360 + Pure X Cues ($600)
                        Grace Nakamura         Toronto ON
2                      Hermie Dy                     Toronto ON                    240
Loreen Toutant              Kitchener ON
3                      Wayne Dwyer                Scarborough ON            150
Maryann McConnell       Port Alberni BC
4                      Larry Wilson                  Victoria BC                   14CC Entry ($150)
Andrea Wilson               Victoria BC
B Open Finals
1                      Jim Fitzgerald              Peterborough ON       $360 + 14CC A Entry ($150)
                        Marney Ready              Peterborough ON
2                      Matt Wagar                   Peterborough ON          240
Ellen Bannon                 Peterborough ON
3                      Michael Gallacher          Peterborough ON          160
Karen Rathlou               Nanaimo BC
4                      Doug Joy                      Peterborough ON          100
Krista Hunter                 Peterborough ON
5-6                    Tim Kelly                       Peterborough ON          14CC Entry ($100)
Boobi Jo Broomfield     Peterborough ON
5-6                    Jim Pickett                    Brampton ON                14CC Entry ($100)
Gail Harms                    Calgary AB
2nd Chance
1                      Ted Harms                    Calgary AB                   120
Mary Rayner                  Calgary AB
2                      Jim Pickett                    Brampton ON                80
Gail Harms                    Calgary AB
All Finals
1                      The Rock                    Toronto ON                  $900 + 14CC Entry ($150)
2                      Looney Pool                 Windsor ON                  630
3                      8 Up                             Halifax NS                    390
4                      The Nostrils                  Hamilton On                  240
5-6                    3 Stooges                    Windsor ON                  150
Team Canada Eh! #1     Calgary AB                   150
7-8                    Snipers                         Barrie ON                    14CC Entry ($150)
Team Spain OLA!          Calgary AB                   14CC Entry ($150)
2nd Chance
1                      3 Ball                            Windsor ON                  180
2                      Rack’em & Smack’em    Peterborough ON          120
 A Advanced Finals
1                      The Rock                     Toronto ON                  $2400 + 14CC Trip ($1350)
2                      Young Guns                  Windsor ON                  1200
3                      Team Spain OLA!          Calgary AB                    600
4                      8 UP                             Halifax NS                    300
5-6                    Smee & Goan               London ON                   14CC A Entry ($350)
Team Canada Eh!          Calgary AB                   14CC A Entry ($350)
B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                      Dunlop Guys                 Barrie ON                     500
2                      Chalkys                        London ON                   250
B Open Finals
1                      Scoobie Snacks          Toronto ON                  $1600 + 14CC A Entry ($350)
2                      Rock Out                      Newmarket ON              900
3                      Republic of NFLD           St. Johns NL                 450
4                      Wait For It                     London ON                    250
5-6                    Late Arrivals                  Newmarket ON              14CC B Entry ($300)
The Nostrils                   Hamilton ON                 14CC B Entry ($300)
C Qualifying Advance to B Finals
1                      Crazy 8’s                       Barrie ON                      600
2                      The Technicians              Kentville NS                  350
3-4                    Scoobie Snacks            Toronto ON                    200
Up In Smoke                  Newmarket ON              200
C Standard Finals
1                      No Reservations         Windsor ON                 $1400 + 14CC B Entry ($300)
2                      The Devil’s Lettuce        Bowmanville ON            950
3                      The Kelly’s                   Charlottetown PEI          650
4                      Big $pender$                Newmarket ON              400
5-6                    Kuujjuaq #2                 Kuujjuaq QC                  200
Miscued                      St. Catharines ON          200
7-8                    Pocket Weight            Peterborough ON           14CC C Entry ($250)
Walshee’s Billiards      Kitchener ON                 14CC C Entry ($250)
All Finals
1                      Island Gurls                 Victoria BC                 $360 + 14CC Entry ($150)
2                      Focus                           Milton ON                     180
3                      Dragonladies                Scarborough ON            14CC Entry ($150)
2nd Chance
1                      Safety First                   Peterborough ON          120
A Advanced Finals
1                      Island Gurls                 Victoria BC                 $800 + 14CC Trip ($1900)
2                      F.O.C.U.S.                    Milton ON                     450
3                      Stacked Racks              Milton ON                     250
4                      Crossfire                       London ON                   14CC B Entry ($250)
B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                      Gimme A Break             St. Catharines ON          300
2                      Walshee’s Ladies          Kitchener ON                  200
B Open Finals
1                      Artista Cats                  St. Catharines ON         $800 + 14CC A Entry ($300)
2                      Victorious Secret           Toronto ON                     400
3                      Press Box Ladies          Kitchener ON                  200
4                      Felt Up                         Peterborough ON            14CC B Entry ($250)

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