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Lucasi Hybrid 2012 CCS Canadian 8/9 Ball Championship Results

Windsor Claims 4 Titles

The Island Gurls Sweep

The 17th Annual Lucasi Hybrid 2012 CCS Canadian8/9 Ball Championships were held April 3rd – 7that the Delta Meadowvale Resort Hotel in Mississagua ON.
As usual, competition was fierce but friendly throughout all 18 Divisions of 10 different Events ofSingles, Scotch Doubles and Team play. There is no other tourney like it where you have great players from all over Canada in one place at one time. I guess that’s why it’s called the Canadians. The play is always strong and there’s no shame in losing, in any division.
Players and Teams from Cuenique Billiards in Windsor ON continued their strong play from last year by winning 4 titles this year – Mens Advanced 8Ball Singles division (Harvey Shognosh) andMens Open 8Ball Singles division (Mike Sarazin), the Mens Advanced 8Ball Team division(Young Guns) and the Womens Open 8Ball division (Da Bitches). For good measure, who did theYoung Guns play in the Final? None other than Looney Pool, also from Windsor ON.
And how about those Island Gurls from BC! They’ve been knocking on the door for a while but this year they put it all together and won both the Advanced 9Ball Team and Advanced 8Ball Team divisions. Playing strong all week was team mate Andrea Wilson, who also claimed the Womens Advanced 8Ball Singles title.
The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank:

  • the DeltaMeadowvale Resort Hotel for hosting us.
  • Hi Country Promotions of Las Vegas for the Valley Tables and Tournament Direction by the legendary Gary Benson from Ft. Collins CO..
  • the ACS certified Referee Crew headed by Wayne Dwyer (Scarborough ON)and Jeff Phythian (Calgary AB).
  • all the Sponsors – Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Billiard Shoppe, F.G. Bradley, Table Sports Canada and BDR Transfers (shirt people).

The 18th Annual Lucasi Hybrid2013 CCS Canadian 8/9 Ball Championships will be held once again on Easter Weekend March 26th to 30that the Delta MeadowvaleResort Hotel in Mississauga ON. For more information, visit  or call (403) 278-4180.
Here are the tourney hi-lights and all the new Champions:
Mens Team
Last year’s Champs do it again. The Rock (Captain Vince MacIntyre, Al Logan and Chris Woods) from Toronto ON, were repeat winners by beating out an all star Western team called VI Stickmen (Captain Rob Clarke, Russ Whittle and Larry Wilson) from Nanaimo, Calgary and Victoria.
Coming in 3rd were the boys from Windsor ON called Looney Pool (Captain Frank Binck, Harvey Shognosh and Maike Sarazin).
Womens Team
The Island Gurls (Captain Maryann McConnell, Andrea Wilson and Karen Rathlou) from Vancouver Island BC got things rolling in team play by beating out Focus (Captain Leslie Pasieka, Grace Nakamura and Hanna Kwon) from Milton ON in the Finals.
Coming in 3rd were last year’s Champs, Break N Run from Scarborough ON.
Mens Team
A Advanced – What a Final it was! Last year’s 8Ball Open Team Champs, the Young Guns (Captain Harvey Shognosh, Pahdahsung Shognosh, Mike Sarazin, Kyle Leclair, and Kevin White) moved up in company and squared off against fellow Cuenique Billiards league players on the Looney Pool team (Captain and League Operator Frank Binck, Wayne Gough, Sean Grossett, Dan Scarel and Mike Deshaies), all from Windsor ON. The sweat was rolling and play was tight but in the end, the bragging rights went to…. the Young Guns. This is a rivalry that’s sure to be continued.
Finishing 3rd was the On The Snap team from Scarborough ON, the 2008 Champs.
B Open – It was the Pocket Aces (Captain Norm Jang, Mike Muller, Nick Cordesevic, Rob Wadell, James Peake and Sergio Pingagore) from Toronto ON who won out over the Colby’s Bountyhunters(Captain Peter O’Dowd, Adam Noseworthy, Gord Birch, Scott Richards, and Jason Georgei) from Brantford ON who had  their best showing ever. Unranked anywhere, remarkably the Pocket Aces started out in Standard Qualifying which they won and got moved up to Open. Congrats to both teams on a great tourney.
C Standard – Always a hotly contested division, this year the title went to the Break N Bank team (Captain Ed Trottier, John Perras, Gil St.Jean, Kevin Carrier and Paul Groulx) from St. Catharines ON who won out over the Bad Birds team (Captain Brian Hall, Don Jang, Zeke Pepin, Ray Karu, George Axiotis and Gary Babcock) from Toronto ON.
Finishing 3rd was the Keswick Bullies from Newmarket ON.
Womens Team
A Advanced –  Cream does rise to the top. Two years in a row, the two teams who played in the 9Ball team Final also met in the 8Ball team Final. Last year it was a split decision, but this year it was theIsland Gurls (Captain – Maryann McConnell, Andrea Wilson, Karen Rathlou and Lisa Wright) who toughed it out a second time and took the title in a very close Final with the 4 Masters & A Slaveteam (Captain – Leslie Pasieka, Grace Nakamura, Hanna Kwon and Darlene Gardiner) from Milton ON, who were the 2011 Champs.
Finishing 3rd was the Break N Run team from Scarborough ON, the 2010 Champs.
B Open – Proving that the gals from Windsor ON can play too, it was the Da Bitches team (Captain – Melissa Grossett, Naz Binck, Turk Unlu, Norma Grosse and Karen Damron) who won out over theStacked Racks team (Captain – Sue Okowita, Dawn Craigie, Amanda Markieta, Veronica St.Jean, Sharon Gibson and Linda Campbell) from Milton ON.
Finishing 3rd was the Naughty By Nature team from Scarborough ON.
Last year it was the East Coast, this year it was the West who duked it out in the Finals, Two great players and also team mates, it was Russ Whittle from Calgary AB (2012 BC Champ) over Larry Wilson from Victoria BC.
Finishing 3rd was Vince MacIntyre from Toronto ON.
It was Kayla Jones from St. Thomas ON, a member of the always strong Break N Run team the last 3 years, who proved she can play Singles too. Kayla won out over the well known Grace Nakamura of Milton ON.
Fnishing 3rd was Karen Rathlou from Nanaimo BC.

Harvey Shognosh – Singles 8-BALL Champion

A Advanced – 12 different Champions in the last 14 years. This is one tough tourney to win. This year, the congratulations go to Harvey Shognosh from Windsor ON (of course) who won out over Dave Boone from Halifax NS, one of the greatest players ever to come from the Maritimes.
Finishing 3rd was Chris Woods , one of the greatest pool players ever to call Toronto home.
B Open – Continuing the Windsor roll and continuing to get the job done, it was Mike Sarazin who won out over Brad Guthrie from Peterborough ON. Having won the Standard in 2011 and now the Open in 2012, does this mean that Mike will win the Advanced in 2013? That would be truly amazing.
Finishing 3rd was Dale Brimicombe from Halifax NS.
C Standard . Finishing on top of the heap in a big field was Jason Fockler of Peterborough ON. His opponent was Dan Devos Jr from St. Catharines ON, moving up after having won 2 out of the last 3 Juniour Singles titles.
Finishing 3rd was Jack Reid of Scarborough ON.
A Advanced – It took a while, but the 2005 Champ Andrea Wilson from Victoria BC now has her 2ndNational title. Who did she play in the Finals? It was Kayla Jones from St. Thomas ON who’s definitely proven that she’s a player to be reckoned with.
B Open – It was Leslie Pasieka, from Oshawa ON and captain extraordinaire, who won out over
Amanda Markieta from St. Catharines ON.
Finishing 3rdwas Sharon Gibson from Brampton ON.
Special thanks to Larry Heywood of the Strokers Triple A League in London ON who runs a Junior Program there and arranged for them to compete at the Canadians this year.
18 & Under – In the Finals, it was Cody Ward of Keswick ON (2009 14& Under Champ) who won out over Stuart MacTaggart of London ON.
14 & Under – In the Finals, It was Nicholas Ridley of St.Thomas ON who won out over Rylee Roy of Pefferlaw ON.
Denise Belanger

A Advanced – You had to know that Denise Belanger from Toronto ON was going to be in the Finals of at least one division. This year it was Scotch Doubles. Partnered with Jim Nolander from St.Johns NL, they won out over Wayne Dwyer from Scarborough ON who was partnered with Maryann McConnell from Port Alberni BC. Denise made the Finals last year too and who was her partner then – Wayne Dwyer. Wayne definitely picks good partners.
B Open – Very unusual. We’ve seen Husband – Wife teams (not recommended as Scotch Doubles can become Scotch Divorced) but never Mother – Son that I can recall. And then win it all. Good stuff. This year, it was Daniel Devos Jr and Penny Devos from St.Catharines ON who won out over Justin Zammitt from Burlington ON and Amanda Markieta from St. Catharines ON.
                          MENS SINGLES 9Ball
                      Russ Whittle                 Calgary AB                  $650 + 2013 Entry ($100) 
2               Larry Wilson                  Victoria BC                      400
3               Vince MacIntyre             Toronto ON                      250
4               Dave Boone                   Halifax ON                       150
5-6             Chris Ormston               Peterborough ON               75
Glen Seesemann           St. Catharines ON              75
                         MENS SINGLES 8Ball
      A Advanced Finals
1                Harvey Shognosh        Windsor ON                 $1500 + 2013 Trip ($375)          
2                Dave Boone                   Halifax NS                       1000
3                Chris Woods                 Toronto ON                        500
4                Bill Belkos                     Toronto ON                        250
5-6              Vince MacIntyre             Toronto ON                        150
Frank Binck                   Windsor ON                      150
B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                Tim Loney                     Barrie ON                          300
2                TJ Gulliver                     St. Johns NL                     150
B Open Finals
1                Mike Sarazin               Windsor ON                 $1200 + 2013 A Entry ($175)
2                Brad Guthrie                  Peterborough ON              600
3                Dale Brimicombe           Halifax NS                         300
4                Kyle Leclair                   Windsor ON                      200
5-6              Scott Yanke                  Waterloo ON                     125
Terry Gulliver                 St. Johns NL                     125
      C Qualifying Advance to B Finals
1                Nick CordesevicToronto ON                       300
2                Ryan Millar                    Sharon ON                        200
3-4              Ray Lemire                    Timmins ON                      150
Mike Muller                   Toronto ON                        150
5-8              Paul Groulx                   St. Catharines ON             100
Butch Merenger             Timmins ON                     100
Matt Wagar                   Peterborough ON               100
Corey Brock                  Brampton ON                    100
C Standard Finals
1                Jason Fockler              Peterborough ON         $1000 + 2013 B Entry ($150)
2                Daniel Devos Jr              St. Catherines ON             500
3                Jack Reid                      Scarborough ON                300
4                Ray Koski                     St. Catherines ON              200
5-6              Chris Lee                      Holland Landing ON           150
Steven Bennewith          Peterborough ON              150
7-8              Shane Fairley                Uxbridge ON                      100
Chris Ormston               Peterborough ON               100
                  WOMENS SINGLES 9Ball
All Finals
1                Kayla Jones                 St. Thomas ON               $250 + 2013 Entry ($100)
2                Grace Nakamura            Milton ON                         175
3                Karen Rathlou                Nanaimo BC                      75
                  WOMENS SINGLES 8Ball
A Advanced Finals
1                Andrea Wilson             Victoria BC                    $730 + 2013 Trip ($550)
2                Kayla Jones                  St. Thomas ON                  365
3                Corrine JohnsonAkwesasne NY                  200
4                Krista Walsh                 Toronto ON                        125
      B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                Stephanie Virac            Toronto ON                       200
2                Penny Devos                 St. Catharines ON              100
B Open Finals
1                Leslie Pasieka             Oshawa ON                   $730 + 2013 A Entry ($150)
2                Amanda Markieta           St. Catharies ON              365
3                Sharon Gibson               Brampton ON                   175
4                Suzanne Peters             Stoney Creek ON              100
                  JUNIOR SINGLES 8Ball
18 & Under Finals
1                Cody Ward                   Keswick ON                   Lucasi Cue ($400)
2                Stuart MacTaggart         London ON
3                Kayla Roloson               Springfield ON
14 & Under Finals
1                Nicholas Ridley            St. Thomas ON              Lucasi Cue ($400)
2                Rylee Roy                     Pefferlaw ON
3                Cameron Coenjarts        Sparta ON
                  SCOTCH DOUBLES
A Advanced Finals
1                Jim Nolander               St. Johns NL                  $500 + Lucasi Cues ($800)
                  Denise Belanger          Toronto ON
2                Wayne Dwyer                Scarborough ON                300
Maryann McConnell       Port Alberni BC
3                Larry Wilson                  Victoria BC                       170
Andrea Wilson               Victoria BC
4                Jim Pickett                    Barmpton ON                   100
Grace Nakamura            Milton ON
B Open Finals
1                Daniel Devos Jr           St Catharines ON           $500 + 2013 A Entry ($150)
                  Penny Devos                St.Catherines ON
2                Justin Zammitt               Burlington ON                   350
Amanda Markieta           St. Catharines ON
3                Mike Muller                   Toronto ON                       220
Linda MacKenzie           Stouffville ON
4                Cody Brock                   Bowmanville ON   140
Shelley St. Thomas        Oshawa ON
5-6              Devin Proulx                  Orillia ON                            80
Lisa Mills                      Orillia ON
Jarrett White                  Barrie ON                            80
Daile Moffat                   Barrie ON
              MENS TEAM 9Ball
All Finals
1                The Rock                     Toronto ON                  $840 + 2013 Entry ($150)
2                VI Stickmen                  Victoria BC                       510
3                Looney Pool                  Windsor ON                     300
4                Corner Pocket               St.Catharines ON              150
                  MENS TEAM 8Ball
 A Advanced Finals
1                Young Guns                 Windsor ON                 $2300 + 2013 Trip ($1350)
2                Looney Pool                  Windsor ON                    1150
3                On The Snap                 Toronto ON                        600
4                The Rock                      Toronto ON                        300
      B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                8 Ball Hunters                Toronto ON                       500
2                R U Serious                   Newmarket ON                 250
B Open Finals
1                Pocket Aces                 Toronto ON                  $1600 + 2013 A Entry ($350)
2                Colby’s Bountyhunters   Brantford ON                     900
3                Summitt                        Milton ON                          450
4                Westhill Gunners           St.Catharines ON               250
      C Qualifying Advance to B Finals
1                Pocket Aces                 Toronto ON                        650
2                Merenger Maulers          Timmins ON                      350
3-4              Shut Up & Shoot            Peterborough ON               200
R U Serious 2                Newmarket ON                  200
C Standard Finals
1                Break N Bank               St.Catherines ON         $1300 + 2013 B Entry ($300)
2                Bad Birds                      Toronto ON                       950
3                Keswick Bullies             Newmarket ON                  650
4                Walshee’s Billiards        Kitchener ON                    450
5-6              McMullan’s Pubbers       Kitchener ON                    300
The Intimidators             Toronto ON                        300
7-8              Balls Deep                    Bowmanville ON   200
Bounty Hunters              Peterborough ON               200
              WOMENS TEAM 9Ball
All Finals
1                Island Gurls                 Victoria BC                  $400 + 2013 Entry ($150)
2                Focus                           Milton ON                        225
3                Naughty By Nature         Scarborough ON               125
                  WOMENS TEAM 8Ball
A Advanced Finals
1                Island Gurls                 Victoria BC                    $800 + 2013 Trip ($1900)
2                4 Masters & A Slave      Milton ON                          400
3                Break N Run                  Scarborough ON               250
      B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                Crossfire                       London ON                       300
2                Make Ups                     Calgary AB                       200
B Open Finals
1                Da Bitches                   Windsor ON                   $800 + 2013 A Entry ($300)
2                Stacked Racks              Milton ON                         400
3                Press Box Ladies          Kitchener ON                     300
4                Cambridge Ladies          Cambridge ON                   200

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