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Lucasi Hybrid 2011 CCS Canadian National 8/9 Ball Championship Results

The Rock Claims both Team Titles
The Newfies Come to Play

The 16th Annual Lucasi Hybrid 2011 CCS Canadian8 Ball Championships were held April 19th – 23rd at the Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre in Mississagua ON. What a wonderful host the Delta Meadowvale turned out to be. Their facility was perfectly suited to our tournament needs and Staff went well out of their way to make us feel more than welcome.
And what a turnout – with 20 more teams than last year, it was the highest in 8 years. With the new site in Mississauga, continued growth and back to Easter dates, we’re already looking forward to next year.
A big highlight was the return after a 2 year absence of Dr. Cue – Tom Rossman. Hugely entertaining with his amazing energy, skill sets and humour, Tom thrilled everyone with his Artistic Pool shows in the Foyer from Thursday to Saturday. His shows are certainly a celebration of ‘what’s possible’ on a pool table. At times it seemed like magic.
As usual, competition was fierce but friendly throughout in all 18 Divisions of 10 different Events of Singles, Scotch Doubles and Team play. Here are the tourney hi-lights and the new Champions:
A brand new Event this year, it went over great with 28 teams competing – fast and fun.
Mens Team

The Rock

The Rock (Captain Vince Macintyre, Al Logan and Chris Woods) from Toronto ON, by capturing the first 9Ball mens team title, proved what we already knew; they know how to play 9Ball too. Giving them a really good run though was the Dakota Nightmare (Captain Brian Bedford, Wayne Graves and Vince Belanger) from Barrie ON.
Oh so close were 2 teams from the ‘Rock’ (Newfoundland that is) On The Run Again and the Republic of N.F.L.D who finished 3rd and 4th.
Womens Team
Last year’s 2010 Womens 8Ball A Champs Break N Run (Captain Marcie Dunbar, Maureen Van de Ven, Renee Colley, Kayla Jones) from Toronto ON got off to a good start winning the first 9Ball womens team title.
Almost catching them by surprise was the team (you guessed it), called Surprise!!! (Captain Leslie Pasieka, Grace Nakamura, Darlene Gardiner, Hanna Kwon) from Milton ON who finished 2nd. Finishing 3rd were the Sliding Cues from Peterborough ON.
Mens Team
A Advanced – Wow! Capturing their 4th National title and second in a row was none other than The Rock (Captain Vince MacIntyre, Al Logan, Chris Woods, Bill Lockerby III, Harry Shagarass, Chris Pegg). Congrats to all of them – this is not an easy thing to do.
Who did they meet in the Finals – those pesky guys from the ‘Rock’ (or Fort McMurray AB – take your pick) called Doolys Topsail Road (Captain Terry Gulliver, TJ Gulliver, Russell Hines, Darren Corston, Tony Conway, Phil Tourangeau, Shawn Fleming) who gave the Rock nearly all they could handle by pushing the Final to two sets.
Finishing 3rd was Looney Pool from Windsor ON, captained by the well known and colourful Frank Binck. More about Frank later.
B Open – The team Young Guns (Captain Harvey Shognosh, Pahdahsung Shognosh , Mike Sarazin, Kyle Leclair, Kevin White) part of the very strong group of players from Windsor ON got the job done over, yes – another strong team from the ‘Rock’ called Republic of N.F.L.D. (Captain Jim Nolander, Dennis Penny, Joseph Holden, Robert White, Steve Hann).
C Standard – After years of trying, it was the team of Cueless (Captain Jim Pickett, Rick Doel, Chris Wright, Steve Palmer-Smith, Fred Gross, Tom Cacic, Peter Komljenovic) from Brampton ON who claimed the title (welcome to B Open) over ETC (Captain Terry Stevens, Stew Watts, Randy Gatessco, Mark West, Terry McGee, Conrad Doucet) from Timmins ON.
If there had been a third team from the ‘Rock’, I’d have to assume they would have been in this Final too.
Womens Team
A Advanced – Revenge is sweet. The Finals were a rematch of the 2 teams who met in the 9Ball team finals.
This time, it was the team 4 Masters and A Slave (Captain Leslie Pasieka, Grace Nakamura, Hanna Kwon, Darlene Gardiner) from Milton ON who won out over the always strong Break N Run team (Captain Marcie Dunbar, Renee Colley, Maureen Van de Ven, Kayla Jones), the 2010 A Champions from North York ON.
Finishing 3rd was Step Aside from Toronto ON.
B Open – Coming through to win in the Finals was the team Mohawk Chicks (Captain Melanie Hearn, Kelly Cook, Stephanie, Corrine Johnson, Heather Square, Rachael Square) from Akwesane QC. who won out over Cue Tease (Captain Kristy de Vries, Grace Costa, Sandy Taylor, Kim Lotto) from Newmarket ON.
The Newfies showed that last year was no fluke with 5 out of the top 8, including the top 4, were all from the ‘Rock’. Maybe we should let them play in St. Johns and they could let us know who the Champ is.
This year it was TJ Gulliver winning out over Darren Corston with Joseph Holden finishing 3rd.
This could be the start of a great rivalry. This year it was Maryann McConnell from Pt. Alberni BC (the 2010 8Ball A Champ) over the great Denise Belanger from Toronto On. More to come on Denise.
A Advanced – If at first you don’t succeed must be the motto of the new Champion.
After more than a few cracks at it, it was Al Logan from Toronto ON who claimed his first National Title by winning out over Luc Tremblay from Barrie ON. Having finished 3rd in 2010 and 2nd in 2011, will Luc be the new Champ in 2012?
Finishing 3rd was Brett Lindsay from London ON.
B Open – The captain of ‘Looney Tunes’, the straight shooting Frank Binck from Windsor ON won out over Randy Fawcett from St.Catharines ON.
Who’s Frank – he’s the fellow with the Looney Tunes hat and tie; always a welcome and fun addition to any tournament.
C Standard . It was another strong member of the Windsor ON group Mike Sarazin who won out over Paul Dorion of Timmins ON in the Finals.
A Advanced – Another chapter was added to the Denise Belanger story when she captured her third National Title . The whole story is that Denise has been in the top 4 the last 16 years in a row, and has been in the Finals the last 6 in a row. With all the great players she has faced over the years; that’s what you call consistency.
Denise won out over Maureen Van de Ven from London ON and defending Champion Maryann McConnell of Port Alberni BC finished 3rd.
B Open – Angela Carrigan of Ajax ON was the winner over Nicole Manzer of Toronto ON.
18 & Under – In the Finals, it was Jeff Robson of St.Catharines ON who won out over Daniel Devos Jr (2009 and 2010 Champ).
14 & Under – In the Finals, It was Kayla Roloson who won out and gained full bragging rights for a year over sibling Jaime Roloson .
A Advanced – Becoming a force to be reckoned with is the team of Vince MacIntyre and Renee Colley from Pefferlaw ON who won for the second year in a row by beating the team of Wayne Dwyer and Denise Belanger from Toronto ON in the Finals.
B Open – I t was the team of Tony Nicola and Brenda Phillips-Ridge from Barrie ON who won out in the Finals over Cheng Peng and Lisa Van Every from Hamilton ON.
The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank:
the DeltaMeadowvale Resort and Conference Centre for hosting us.
Hi Country Promotions of Las Vegas for the Valley Tables and the usual stellar Tournament Direction by Gary Benson himself.
the ACS certified Referee Crew headed by Wayne Dwyer from Scarborough ON.
all the Sponsors – Lucasi Hybrid Cues, Jeff White, Don Broos Cue Services, F.G. Bradley, Table Sports Canada and BDR Transfers (shirt people).
The 2012 CCS 17th Annual Canadian National 8 Ball Championships will be held on Easter Weekend April 3rd to 7th at the Delta Meadowvale in Mississauga ON. For more information, visit or call (403) 278-4180.
Final Results:
                          MENS SINGLES 9Ball
      1                TJ Gulliver                     St. John’s NL                   650 + 2012 Entry
2               Darren Corston              St. John’s NL                   400
3               Joseph Holden               St. John’s NL                   260
4               Jim Nolander                 St. John’s NL                   180
5-6             Dennis Rhodes              Bradford ON                    120
Ephriam Day                 Hamilton ON                    120
7-8             Terry Horton                  Oakville ON                       80
Dennis Penny                St. John’s NL                     80
                         MENS SINGLES 8Ball
      A Advanced Finals
1                Al Logan                       Toronto ON                    1500 + 2012 Return Trip
2                Luc Tremblay                 Barrie ON                      1000
3                Brett Lindsay                 London ON                      500
4                Rob Clarke                    Nanaimo BC                    250
5-6              Dave Kelly                     Charlottetown PEI            150
Larry Wilson                  Victoria BC                      150
B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                Jim Nolander                 St. John’s NL                   300
2                Ray Harris                     North York ON                 150
B Open Finals
1                Frank Binck                   Windsor ON                  1200 + 2012 A Entry
2                Randy Fawcett              St. Catharines ON            600
3                John Murdoch                Peterborough ON             300
4                Dave Woods                  Niagara Falls ON             200
5-6              Grant Forrest                 Sooke BC                       125
Al Haggerty                   ON                                 125
      C Qualifying Advance to B Finals
1                Fern Maurice                 Barrie ON                        300
2                Joseph Holden               St. John’s NL                   225
3-4              Grant Forrest                 Sooke BC                       175
Claude Pelletier             Timmins ON                    175
5-8              Kevin Dollimont              Timmins ON                    125
Dave Woods                  Niagara Falls ON             125
Cheng Peng                  Hamilton ON                    125
John Murdoch                Peterborough ON             125
C Standard Finals
1                Mike Sarazin                 Windsor ON      I           1100 + 2012 B Entry
2                Paul Dorion                   Timmins ON                    550
3                JR Hutchinson              Holland Landing On          300
4                Terry McGee                 Timmins ON                    200
5-6              Oliver Johnson               Barrie ON                        150
Stehen Hann                 Wesleyville NL                 150
7-8              Dennis Penny                St. Johns NL                   100
Paul Shaften                  Windsor ON                    100
                  WOMENS SINGLES 9Ball
1                Maryann McConnell       Port Alberni BC                250 + 2012 Entry
2                Denise Belanger            Toronto ON                      160
3                Maureen Van De Ven     London ON                      100
4                Marcie Dunbar               Scarborough ON                60
                  WOMENS SINGLES 8Ball
A Advanced Finals
1                Denise Belanger            Toronto ON                      700 + 2012 Trip
2                Maureen Van De Ven     London ON                      350
3                Maryann McConnell       Port Alberni BC                200
4                Krista Walsh                 Toronto ON                      125
      B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                Natasha Khan                Toronto ON                      200
2                Lisa Mills                      Orillia ON                        100
B Open Finals
1                Angela Carrigan             Ajax ON                         700 + 2012 A Entry
2                Nicole Manzer               Toronto ON                      350
3                Yvonne Metawabin         Timmins ON                    175
4                Debi Conrad                  St. Catharines ON            100
                  JUNIOR SINGLES 8Ball
18 & Under Finals
1                Jeff Robson                   St.Catharines ON             Lucasi Cue
2                Daniel Devos Jr              St.Catharines ON
3                Cody Ward                    Keswick ON
14 & Under Finals
1                Kayla Roloson               Springfield ON                 Lucasi Cue
2                Jaime Roloson               Springfield ON
3                Jessica Hough   l           St. Thomas ON
                  SCOTCH DOUBLES
A Advanced Finals
1                Vince Macintyre             Pefferlaw ON                   320 + Lucasi Hybrid Cues
Renee Colley                 Pefferlaw ON
2                Wayne Dwyer                Scarborough ON              220
Denise Belanger            Toronto  ON
3                Jason Georgei               Cambridge ON                 140
Mia Bielak                     Cambridge ON
4                Al Logan                       Toronto ON                      100
Kayla Jones                  Toronto ON
B Open Finals
1                Tony Nicola                   Toronto ON                      450 + 2012 A Entry
Brenda Phillips-Ridge     Barrie ON
2                Cheng Peng                  Hamilton ON                    250
Lisa Van Every              Oshweken ON
3                Robert Soldat                Brampton ON                  140
Simone Lloyd               Brampton ON
4                Wayne Dwyer                Cambridge ON                  80
Leslie Pasieka               Kitchener ON
              MENS/MIXED TEAM 9Ball
1                The Rock                      Toronto ON                    900
2                Dakota Nightmare          Barrie ON                      600
3                On The Run Again          St.John’s NL                  400
4                Republic of N.F.L.D.       St. John’s NL                 240
5-6              Forgotten Ones              ON                               120
What About Bob            Peterborough ON           120
                  MENS/MIXED TEAM 8Ball
 A Advanced Finals
1                The Rock                      Toronto ON                    2200 + 2012 Return Trip
2                Dooly’s Topsail Road      St. John’s NL                 1100
3                Looney Pool                  Windsor ON                    600
4                Karma                           Toronto ON                      300
      B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                Breakout Kings              London ON                      500
2                JDC                              Barrie ON                       250
B Open Finals
1                Young Guns                  Windsor ON                  1500 + 2012 A Entry
2                Republic of NFLD           St. John’s NL                   900
3                Shooters Aces               Scarborough ON              450
4                How Strong Is That         Kitchener ON                   250
      C Qualifying Advance to B Finals
1                I Don’t Know                  Newmarket ON                650
2                No ReservationsWindsor ON                    350
3-4              Up Your Arsenal            Kitchener ON                   200
How Strong Is That         Kitchener ON                   200
C Standard Finals
1                Cueless                        Brampton ON                1300 + 2012 B Entry
2                ETC                              Timmins ON                    950
3                S.T.A.L.Y.                     Barrie ON                        650
4                Crispy Critters               Timmins ON                    400
5-6              Heat                             Brampton ON                  200
Str8 Shooters 4 the Money Brampton ON              200
              WOMENS TEAM 9Ball
1                Break N Run                  Scarborough ON            450
2                Surprise                        Milton ON                      250
3                Sliding Cues                  Peterborough ON           150
                  WOMENS TEAM 8Ball
A Advanced Finals
1                4 Masters & A Slave      Milton ON                        800 + 2012 Return Trip
2                Break N Run                  North York ON                 400
3                Step Aside                    Toronto ON                      250
      B Qualifying Advance to A Finals
1                Mostly Racks                St.Catharines ON             300
2                Stacked Racks              Milton ON                       200
B Open Finals
1                Mohawk Chicks             Akwesane QC                 800 + 2012 ‘A’ Entry
2                Cue Tease                     Newmarket ON                400
3                Dakota Dragon Ladies    Barrie ON                        200

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