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Canadian Cue Sport Association 2nd Annual Ontario 8-Ball Championships

This years event moved from the bare bones accommodations of last year to the luxurious DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto. The 2nd annual CCS Ontario 8-Ball Championships ran from Wednesday January 18th to Sunday January 22nd. There were over 650 players in attendance from as far away as Calgary, Alberta and Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

A new format was used to place players and teams in more appropriate brackets. Players in the “C” division played a single elimination bracket to find the best players and move them into the next higher bracket “B”. This also took place in the “B” to find players to move up to the “A” division. Teams also worked the same way. The system appeared to work fairly well and will be used for the rest of the CCS tournaments.

The Men’s Teams A finals produced an exciting match with Vince MacIntyre, Al Porter, Al Logan, Chris Pegg and Harry Chiggaras of The Rock (Toronto) beating Bobby D’s (Burlington ) crewed by Glen Seesemann, Mike Roberts, Al Smart, Craig Cochrane and Dan Devos, to win the championship. Midnight Express from Scarborough with Wayne Dwyer, Cade Coats, Rolly Yonzon, Bill Delkos, Fonze Chiong, Brian Belobradic and Mike Latourneau came third. The Hookers (Andre Trahan, Brian Peitarnen, Rob Wilson, Dan LaFreiniere and Ken Thorogood) from Sault Ste Marie out lasted H R Puff & Stuff from Windsor with Frank Binck, Dan Johnson, Brian Wilkinson, Mike DeLaurier, Mark Sullivan and Dan Scarel to win the Men’s B teams. Ball$ of $teel from Barrie (Daryl Peden, Nick Sledzion, Greg Johnson, Wayne Graves, Richard Murray and Andy Payie) rounded out the field with a third place. The C division teams was taken over by BigWigs from Newmarket. The top three teams that were from that room. First was the Young Guns (J R Hutchinson, Ryan Miller, Justin McGenerty, Chris Lee, Brad DeVries and Darren Wilkinson) who came from the losers bracket to win twice over the Sauce Boys (Ian Ogilvie, Collin Nobes, Jim Horsley, Pete Wagner, Mike Comeau and Wade Hill). Bills Boys ( Bill Michell, Jim Walker, Keith Roy, Wayne Beveridge and Ron Nelson) stayed up way past their bed time and fought out a third place finish.

Break and Run from Brampton with Marcie Dunbar, Cindy Bristow, Grace Nakamura, Naomi Williams and Star Williams, proved to strong for Stop Your Crying (Danielle Morris, Jane Adams, Sheryl Richmond, Alicia Frampton, Elizabeth Kishimoto and Penny Devos) from Burlington and won the Ladies Teams A division. Pool Paradise Peaches (Carrie Dwyer, Darlene Gardiner, Sophie Houle, Jennifer Flietstra, Catherine Frei and Sheri Blakely) from Waterloo came third. First place in the Ladies teams B division went to Step Aside (Linda McKenzie, Melanie Chan, Sheila Ng, Sheilah Williams and Bev Avery) from Toronto over BigWig Ladies (Janet Horgan, Kristy DeVries, Grace Costa, Sandy Taylor, Jenn Oliver and Kim Pain) from Newmarket. The Cambridge team As If (Jo-Anne Mason, Nicole Lavigne, Tracey Elliott, Carrie Smith and Elizabeth Crawford) claimed third place.

Derek Claus

Derek Claus (Brantford) put in a strong performance to win the Men’s Singles A division over Don Brunelle of Chelmsford. Glen Seesemann of Brampton came third and also cashed in the Scotch Doubles and Men’s teams for a very good tournament. The B division was won by Jason Williams of Burlington and second went to Shane Gummerson of Toronto who improved last years position by one. Ronni Ranalli of Newmarket came third. Earl Hill of Burlington bettered Jan VanDerHenne of Chelmsford to take the Men’s C division. Paul Doiron of Timmins was a strong third.

“Third Place” Blanger finally won a CCS Ladies A singles tournament. Denise (Toronto) has been knocking at the door for years and played a strong match against Naomi Williams (Toronto) who came second. Cathy Lafrenier of Fergus again cashed in the Ladies A division by coming third. The B Ladies division was won by Diana Yoeman (Oshawa) over Linda McKenzie (Stouffville). Sharlene Watkinson of Mississauga was third.

In Scotch Doubles Naomi Williams from Toronto and Mike Roberts from Burlington proved to be too strong for the rest of the field and won over Grace Nakamura from Toronto and Glen Seesemann from Brampton. Carrie Dwyer of Cambridge and Rob Brandenberg of Guelph came third.

The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank the DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel for hosting this event, Hi Country Promotions of Colorado for the 40 Valley Tables and the unsurpassed Tournament direction by Gary Benson, the ACS certified Referee Crew and all the Sponsors –– Falcon Cues, Terminator Cues, Don Broos Cue Services, Hot Shots, Grace Nakamura and BDR Transfers who helped make this Tournament a success.

Next year’s 3rd Annual Canadian Cue Sport Ontario 8-Ball Championship will take place at the DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel, Toronto, Ontario from January 17th to January 21th, 2007. For more information visit the CCS web site at

1st Denise Belanger Toronto $700 and Canadians Entry
2 Naomi Williams Toronto $350
3 Cathy LaFrenier Fergus $200
4 Lynn Martin Toronto $100
5/6 Carrie Dwyer Cambridge $50
Mia Bielak Cambridge
1st Diana Yoeman Oshawa $400 and Canadians Entry
2 Linda McKenzie Stouffville $200
3 Sharlene Watkinson Mississauga $100
4 Rachel D’Emmanuelle Barrie $75
5/6 Angela Roberts-Burns Holland Landing $50
Suzie Calabrese Cambridge
Bump Ups $70

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