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BCA Canadian 8-ball Championships 2004

“Back for More” and “The Rock” Repeat in Toronto
Familiar names dominated the top divisions at the 9th Annual BCA Canadian 8-Ball Championships, conducted January 7-10, 2004, at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto, ON. Bonnie Plowman (Calgary, AB) added a fourth national singles title to her prize chest (’99, ’00 and ’02) by out pointing Cathy LaFreniere (Fergus, ON) in the finals of the Women’s “A” division. Bonnie’s team, “Back for More”, aptly named and featuring teammates Bev Ashton, Joanne Ashton, Collyne Savage, Amanda Lofvendahl and Stephanie Radmore defended their 2003 Women’s “A” division title by turning back Toronto’s “Break-N-Run”. The Men’s “A” team title was also successfully defended by Toronto’s “The Rock”, featuring teammates Vince McIntyre, Al Porter, Chris Woods, Al Logan, Dale Sweet and Joe Lawrence; although the team had to crossover from the “B” side and eclipse Toronto’s “The Road Warriors” in two matches to reclaim their crown.
In Scotch Doubles, Vince McIntyre (from “The Rock”) and Marcie Dunbar (from “Break-N-Run”) proved to be a potent combination in outgunning the field for the title and taking out Toronto’s Lynn Martin and Rob Brandenburg in the finals.
With the A-B-C category format filtering singles and teams down to other divisions after Day 1 of each competition, Toronto’s Rob Brandenburg outlasted Sean Fleming (St. John’s, NF) for the Men’s “B” singles crown; two Ontarians – Bev Littler and Tammy Hoy – vied for the Women’s “B” singles title, with Hoy the victor; and Ontario again dominated the Men’s “C” singles competition with Chris Duke defeating Ken Botham. Cambridge, Ontario’s “Sharp Shooters” (Jason Holdaway, Rick Hutchings, Scott Yankee, Neil Mills and Phil Fraser) claimed the Men’s “B” team victory; “Wild Eights” (also from Cambridge, ON) featuring Carrie Dwyer, Darlene Gardiner, Catherine Fliestra, Catherine Frei and Joanna Palmer-Smith emerged triumphant over the Women’s “B” team competition; and Windsor, Ontario’s “Shakin & Stirred” (Andre Bilek, Roger Bellina, Derek Mereszak, Harvey Shognosh, Don Charette, Turk Unlu and Andy Brownlie) bested the Men’s “C” team field.
The Billiard Congress of America appreciates the production efforts of Canadian Cue Sport Productions and High Country Promotions, provider of the sixty Valley Cougar tables; and the sponsorship of Falcon Cues, Smart Start Billiard School, Budweiser and the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel. Players and teams ventured to Toronto from New Foundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Nunavit, Prince Edward Island, Alberta and British Columbia.
Next year’s 10th Annual Canadian National 8 Ball Championships will be sanctioned and staged by the new Canadian Cue Sport Association – CCS. For more information, visit their web site at or call toll free (888) 278-4155.
1st Steve Cherewyk (AB) $3,600 + Return Trip
2 Dave Martin (AB) 2,600 + Falcon Cue/Case
3 Lester Mianskum (ON) 1,800
4 Josh Silva (AB) 1,200
5/6 Larry Wilson (BC) 800
Al Porter (ON)
7/8 Dave Boone (NS) 500
Vince McIntyre (ON)
9/12 Derrick Claus (ON) 300
Carlos Santos (BC)
Bruce Lilly (NS)
Vito Puopolo (ON)
13/16 John Desjardins (ON) 200
Danny Gombac (ON)
Raj Chana
Thomas Morel (ON)
17/24 Chris Wright (ON) 125
Steve Butkevich (ON)
Yanick Bedard (ON)
Rob Blair (ON)
Pat Briand (NS)
Norm Glover (ON)
Colin Maloney (NS)
Fern Loyer (ON)
1st Rob Brandenburg (ON) $ 1000
2 Sean Fleming (NF) 700
3 Pavol Federl (AB) 450
4 Jason Fliestra (ON) 250
5-8 Chris Cook (ON) 125
Shane Lyons (AB)
Ephriam Day (ON)
Wayne Brunelle (ON)
1st Chris Duke (ON) $ 800
2 Ken Botham (ON) 600
3 Kevin Nadeau (ON) 450
4 Mike Gagnon (ON) 300
5-8 Russ Hynes (AB) 200
Kevin McGee (PEI)
John Covent (AB)
Tom McMillan (ON)
9-16 Dean Cormier (NF) 100
Len Penney (ON)
Allan Smith (ON)
David Richard (NS)
Hebert Levre (PEI)
John Dickson (ON)
Al Logan (ON)
Mike Neville (NF)
1st Bonnie Plowman (AB) $ 1,000 + Return Trip
2 Cathy LaFreniere (ON) 750 + Falcon Cue/Case
3 Denise Belanger (ON) 500
4 Marie St. Germain (ON) 300
5/6 Lynne Martin (ON) 200
Joanne Ashton (AB)
7/8 Janet Ritcey (NS) 150
Nick Adams (ON)
9/12 Bev Ashton (AB) 100
Carrie Dwyer (ON)
Adina Black (NF)
Sharon Morrison (ON)
1st Bev Littler (ON) $ 600
2 Tammy Hoy (ON) 400
3 Nicole Lavigne (ON) 250
4 Suzanne Cuthbert (ON) 150
5-8 Melanie Kowalski (ON) 100
Gillian Letzer (ON)
Mary Ellen Eyland (NS)
Sandy Clayton (ON)
1st Marcie Dunbar/ Vince McIntyre (ON) $ 620 + Falcon Cues/Cases
2 Lynn Martin/ Rob Brandenburg (ON) 420
3 Bev Ashton/ Stan Tourangeau (BC) 260
4 Carrie Dwyer/ Shawn Miller (ON) 160
5/6 Denise Belanger/ Frank Seervant (ON) 110
Amanda Lofvendahl/ Steve Cherewyk (AB)
7/8 Janet Ritcey/ Colin Maloney (NS) 80
Jackie Summers/ Brian Belobradic (ON)
9/12 Suzanne Cuthbert/ Glenn Seesemann (ON) 60
Nick Adams/ Norm Doucette (AB)
Collyne Savage/ Russ Alexander (AB)
Bonnie Plowman/ Al Greenlee (AB)
13/16 Jackie Collins/ Sean Flemming (NF) 40
Melanie Kowalsky/ Scott Yanke (ON)
Andrea Wilson/ Larry Wilson (BC)
Derek Stribling/ Sharon Llewellyn (ON)
1st The Rock (ON) $3,000 + Return Trip
2 The Road Warriors (ON) 3,000
3 The Champs (ON) 2,000
4 Gibson’s Finest (AB) 1,200
5/6 Chaos Club (ON) 800
HR Puff N’ Stuff (ON)
7/8 Brew Crew (ON) 500
Juice Box Productions (AB)
9/12 Hard Core (PEI) 250
Halifax Explosion (NS)
Team Canada (AB)
All Woody’s (ON)
1st Sharp Shooters (ON) $ 1,200
2 Cobi’s Convenience (ON) 800
3 The Ho Hums (ON) 500
4 S.M.O.B. 350
5-8 County Boys (ON) 250
Thunder Cues (ON)
The Zealots (ON)
Raxx Rebels (ON)
1st Five Blind Mice (ON) $ 800
2 Shakin & Stirred (ON) 500
3 Last Call (ON) 350
4 Black Magic (ON) 250
1st Back for More (AB) $ 1,000 + Return Trip
2 Break N’ Run (ON) 750
3 Mystics (ON) 500
4 Woody’s Racks (ON) 350
5/6 Slice Girls (ON) 250
Rodeo Proceed With Caution (ON)
1st Wild Eights (ON) $ 750
2 Not Bad For A Girl (ON) 500
3 Shooting Stars (ON) 350
4 Tiggers (ON) 250

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