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2009 CCS Canadian National 8 Ball Championship Results

The Nationals – Strong as Ever
The 14th Annual 2009 CCS Canadian National 8 Ball Championships were held Easter Weekend April 7 -11th at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto, Ontario.
Bucking recent trends seen elsewhere, the CCS Board was extremely pleased that last year’s increase in team turnout was followed by a further 10% increase for 2009. With new leagues coming on board, early indications are that 2010 may be the biggest ever.
Special thanks to Jim Wych, one of Canada’s foremost International Snooker players and a Billiards Commentator for all the major Sports Networks, who staged a series of highly entertaining and informative Pool Shows in the Foyer throughout the tournament.
As usual, competition was fierce but friendly in all Events and Divisions. Here are the tourney hi-lights and the new Champions:
Over the years, many truly great teams have played in the Canadians. It’s been said that winning this tourney can be just as hard as winning a Masters Division in Vegas! That tradition of excellent play continues today with contenders like The Rock, Team Spain OLA! and all the incredible Womens Teams from southern Ontario, usually representing the CWPT. It’s fun to watch the newcomers and the ongoing rivalries to see who can claim to be this year’s best.
Mens Team
In the A Advanced Division, it was Team Spain OLA! (Captain – Jeremy Smith, Pete Sky, Mark Vinogradov, Brad Whyte and Mike Aboudaher) of Calgary AB who won out over fellow Calgarians Team Canada Eh! (Captain – Ted Harms, Scott Martin, Bob Leonard, Mike Wasyliw and Shawn Fleming) to claim their second National title.
Team Spain OLA! continues their remarkable record of making the Finals 4 out of the last 5 years. And yes, they are also former Vegas Masters Division Champions.
Finishing third was the always tough to beat and twice former Champions The Rock from Toronto ON.
The B Open Division was won by Behind the 8 Ball (Captain – Vince Andersani, Tony Nichola, Carlo Borelli, Kevin Booker, Pat O’Hare, Peter Watson and Randy Scott) from Scarborough ON over the Untouchables (Captain – Clint Monture, Adam Monture, Wilbur Monture, Kevin Maracle, Greg Johnson and Phil Fraser) from Camridge ON.
The C Standard Division was won by The Uninvited (Captain – Saul Alvarado, Kevin Fox, Jarrett Ellis, Khonday Keopannha and Dave Jenkins) from Waterloo ON over Thunder Cues (Captain – Gord Mason, Chris Lamabe, Trevor Fraser, Rick Lamarre and Richard Pepin) from Barrie ON.
Womens Team
In the A Advanced Division, the team of Mighty Fine (Captain – Kristy DeVries, Morning Star Williams, Naomi Williams, Brittany Bryant and Darlene Gardiner) from Milton ON claimed the title over the 2008 Champions SK8 BYU (Captain – Karen Summers, Jackie Summers, Grace Nakamura, Leslie Pasieka and Marcie Dunbar) from Toronto ON in a hard fought Final.
Third place was won by Instroke, the 2008 B Open Champions, from Toronto ON.
The B Open Division was won by On Target (Captain – Loreen Toutant, Brenda Phillips-Ridge, Jen Arseneault and Nicole Manzer) from Toronto ON over the Mohawk Chicks (Captain – Stephanie Thompson, Brenda Francis, Kelly Cook, Priscilla Thompson, Stephanie Smoke, Melanie Herne, Corrine Johnson and Asley Gray) from Akwesane QUE.
It seems that if you were going to win anything in Singles, you first had to get past the Devos family from St. Catherines. Dan finishes 3rd in the Mens A Advanced Singles, Penny wins the Womens B Open Singles and Daniel Devos Jr. wins the 18 & Under Junior Singles (while also placing 2nd in Mens Singles C Qualifying). Congratulations to each; well done!
Mens Singles
In the A Advanced Division, Larry Wilson of Victoria BC, won out over Mike Aboudaher of Calgary AB in an extremely well played Final. Proving he still has the touch, Larry was also the 2002 National Champion and became only the 3rd repeat winner in 14 years.
Dan Devos of St.Catherines ON finished 3rd.
The B Open Division was won by Mike Wasyliw of Edmonton AB over Arthur Bennett of Ft.McMurray AB. Who says Refs can’t play – Mike was also at the tourney as an ACS certified National Referee.
Dan Schaffer, long time operator of the Corner Pocket in Timmins ON finished 3rd.
The C Standard Division was won by Bateson MacLeod of Charlottetown PEI over Jeff Wabano of Timmins ON. It was good to see the PEI boys back again after taking a year off to go to the CCS Westerns last year.
Andrew Lamingman of Newmarkrt ON finished 3rd.
Womens Singles
In the A Advanced Division, the Finals saw a great matchup – the up and coming Brittany Bryant of Newmarket ON who last year finished 2nd in the 18&Under Juniors and 3rd in the A Advanced versus the 2008 National Champion Denise Belanger of Toronto ON who kept her string of top 4 finishes alive at 14 years in a row! Congrats to Brittany who is the 2009 National Champion.
The 2006 National Champion, Naomi Williams of Toronto ON, finished 3rd.
The B Open Division was won by Penny Devos of St.Catherines ON over Mia Bielak of Cambridge ON.
Karen Summers of Whitby ON finished 3rd.
Junior Singles
In the 18 & Under Division, It was Daniel Devos Jr. of St.Catherines ON who won in the finals over Dan Hathaway of Edmonton AB with Peng Chen of Hamilton ON finishing 3rd.
In the 14 & Under Division, it was Cody Ward of Keswick ON who won out in the finals over last year’s winner Michael Scott of Barrie ON with Brandon Jaipaul of Ajax ON finishing 3rd.
Also known as ‘Scotch Divorce’, the Wilsons from Victoria BC continue to defy the norm and prove the spouses can play together and win. I guess it helps when both have been long time Vegas Masters.
In the A Advanced Division, it was Larry Wilson (2002 and 2009 National Singles Champ) and Andrea Wilson (2005 National Singles Champ) from Victoria BC who won out in the Finals over Andrew Lamingman and Kristy DeVries from Newmarket ON.
The team of Vince McIntyre and Renee Colley from Toronto ON finished 3rd.
In the B Open Division, it was the team of Jason Georgei and Mia Bielak from Cambridge ON who won out in the Finals over Joseph and Melanie Herne from Akwesane QUE.
The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel for hosting us once again, Hi Country Promotions of Las Vegas for the Valley Tables and the usual stellar Tournament Direction by Gary Benson himself, the ACS certified Referee Crew headed by Wayne Dwyer from Scarborough ON and all the Sponsors – Falcon Cues, Don Broos Cue Services, F.G. Bradley, Table Sports Canada and BDR Transfers.
The 2010 CCS 15th Annual Canadian National 8 Ball Championships will be held on Easter Weekend March 16th to 20th at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto ON. For more information, visit or call (403) 278-4180.
1st Larry Wilson Victoria BC $1500 + 2010 Return Trip
2 Mike Aboudaher Calgary AB 1000
3 Dan Devos St. Catherines ON 650
4 Mark Vinogradov Calgary AB 350
5/6 Dennis Porth Jr. Ft. McMurray AB 175
Mike Latourneau Toronto ON
1st Denis Porth Jr. Ft. McMurray AB 300
2 Hermie Dy Brampton ON 150
1st Mike Wasyliw Calgary AB $1000 + 2010 A Entry
2 Arthur Bennett Ft. McMurray AB 500
3 Dan Schaffer Timmins ON 300
4 Jason Georgei Cambridge ON 150
1st Arthur Bennett Ft. McMurray AB 300
2 Daniel Devos Jr. St.Catherines ON 200
3/4 Greg Flowers Barrie ON 125
Peter O’Dowd Brantford ON
1st Bateson MacLeod Charlottetown PEI $1000 + 2010 B Entry
2 Jeff Wabano Timmins ON 500
3 Andrew Lamingman Newmarket ON 300
4 Brian Stewart Newmarket ON 200
5/6 Terry Poirier Georgetown ON 150
Bitch Merenger Timmins ON
7/8 Jamie Bouyers Peterborough ON 100
George Partridge Kuujjuaq QUE
1st Brittany Bryant Newmarket ON $800 + 2010 Return Trip
2 Denise Belanger Toronto ON 400
3 Naomi Williams Toronto ON 150
1st Penny Devos St.Catherines ON $700 + 2010 A Entry
2 Mia Bielak Cambridge ON 300
3 Karen Summers Whitby ON 150
1st Larry Wilson / Andrea Wilson Victoria BC $400 + Falcon Cues
2 Andrew Lamingman / Kristy Devries Newmarket ON / Toronto ON 200
3 Vince McIntyre / Renee Colley Toronto ON 100
1st Jason Georgei / Mia Bielak Cambridge ON $400 + 2010 A Entry
2 Joseph Herne / Melanie Herne Akwesane QUE 200
3 Terry Poirier / Maggie Ooijevaar Georgetown ON / Toronto ON 120
4 Keith Dusome / Becky Bredow Aurora ON / Newmarket ON 80
1st Team Spain OLA! Calgary AB $2000 + 2010 Return Trip
2 Team Canada Eh! Calgary AB 1000
3 The Rock Toronto ON 350
1st The ‘B’ Team Brampton ON 500
2 Booze & Cues Peterborough ON 300
1st Behind the 8 Ball Scarborough ON $1200 + 2010 A Entry
2 Untouchables Cambridge ON 800
3 Ballz Deep Ft. McMurray AB 500
4 Juice Factory London ON 300
1st Colbys Bountyhunters Cambridge ON 500
2 Merenger Maulers Timmins ON 350
3/4 Shutup and Shoot Peterborough ON 250
S.T.A.L.Y. Barrie ON 250
1st The Uninvited Waterloo ON $1000 + 2010 B Entry
2 Thunder Cues Barrie ON 700
3 Jokers Wild Scarborough ON 500
4 ETC Timmins ON 350
5/6 Cueless Brampton ON 250
Mid-Night Run Orillia ON
1st Mighty Fine Milton ON $800 + 2010 Return Trip
2 SK8 BYU Toronto ON 450
3 Instroke Toronto ON 300
1st On Target Toronto ON $800
2 Mohawk Chicks Akwesane QUE 450
3 Stacked Racks Milton ON 300
4 All Bust No Balls Barrie ON 200

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