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2005 Canadian National 8 Ball Championships Results

Now sanctioned and staged by the new CCS – Canadian Cue Sport Association, the 10th Annual Canadian National 8 Ball Championships were held January 19 -22nd, 2005 at the DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. With great representation from coast to coast and entries up in both Singles and Team, the competition was certainly fierce yet still friendly in our Canadian way. Every event saw new Champions. We congratulate them all on their hard won Titles which they’ll all have the opportunity to defend next year, courtesy of Return Trip Added Prizes.
Team and Singles play were divisionalized into A, B, C Groups, with Cash Prizes and Awards in each, after completion of preliminary double knockout brackets.

Dave Martin
In the Men’s A – Advanced Singles, Dave Martin of Calgary, AB avenged his loss in the Finals last year to fellow Calgarian Steve Cherewyk by defeating Don Brunelle of Chelmsford, ON. He certainly took no chances as the final match consisted of 5 straight run outs with an incredible perfect 50-0 score. We think Don would like a rematch. In the Women’s A – Advanced Singles, Angela Wilson of Victoria, BC went undefeated besting Carrie Dwyer of Cambridge, ON in the finals. She now joins her husband Larry Wilson (2002) as a National Singles Champion! Now if it’s ever possible for couples to play together, that’s a great Scotch Doubles Team.
In Scotch Doubles, it was all Ontario as Jason Holdaway and Cathy Lafreniere won out over Louie Fazekas and Denise Belanger to take the top cash and the Falcon Cues.
In Men’s A – Advanced Team, perennial contenders the team Smokin Chicos (Frank Binck, Jordan Katz, Sean Grossette, Roger Chau, Scott Milne, Turk Unlu and Russ Robinet) of Windsor, ON got the job done by winning over former VNEA Vegas Masters Team Champions Team Spain OLA ( Mike Burton, Jeremy Smith, Pete Sky, Mark Smith and Mark Vinogradov) of Calgary AB. Confirming once again that it’s never over, Roger Chau completed an amazing ‘there’s no way’ out to win the deciding game. In Women’s A – Advanced Team, the Break N Run team (Marcie Dunbar, Cindy Bristow, Nicla Adams, Naomi Williams, Maureen O’Doherty and Lynn Martin) of Toronto, ON, came out on top in a very close and hotly contested final over the Shark Shooters team (Diane Boudreault, Lise Julien, Freida Nassas, Marie St.Germain, Kim Donaldson and Angele Dequanne) from Chelmsford ON.
The Canadian Cue Sport Association wishes to thank the DoubleTree International Plaza Hotel for hosting us once again, Hi Country Promotions of Colorado for the 60 Valley Tables and the usual stellar Tournament Direction by Gary Benson himself, the ACS certified Referee Crew and all the Sponsors – Labatt’s Lite, Falcon Cues, Terminator Cues, Chalk & Cue Magazine, Don Broos Cue Services, Hot Shots, Zimy Billiards and Advance Sportswear for helping to make this the best Tournament ever.
Having already completed the CCS Ontario, CCS Atlantic and the CCS National Championships, the last CCS event for this League Year will be the CCS Western Championships to be held June 9-12th at the Acadia Rec Centre in Calgary, AB. For more information, visit or call toll free (888) 278-4155.
1st Dave Martin (AB) $ 3600 + Return Trip
2 Don Brunelle (ON) 2200 + Falcon Cue/Case
3 Pat Briand (NS) 1700
4 Mark Julian (ON) 1200
5/6 Peter Thompson (NS) 700
Jeff Pillon (ON)
7/8 Darcy McGinley Jr.(ON) 450
Richard Young (NS)
9/12 Steve Cherewyk (AB) 300
Vince MacIntyre (ON)
Brian Belobradic (ON)
Raj Chana (AB)
13/16 Frank Servant (ON) 200
Jarrett Vibert (ON)
Al Porter (ON)
Colin Maloney (NS)
17/24 Terry Martin (ON) 125
Barry Hooey (AB)
Rob Blair (ON)
Mark Johnston (ON)
Jason Holdaway (ON)
Jordan Katz
Sean Fleming (NF)
Terry Gulliver (NF)
1st Roger Chau (ON) $ 1000
2 Chris MacKenzie (PEI) 700
3 Ray Jansen (ON) 450
4 Wayne Brunelle (ON) 250
5-8 Mike Leigh (ON) 150
Dale Young (NS)
Julian Russell (AB)
Richard Closs
9-16 Chris Jenkins (ON) 100
Brian Cameron (ON)
Al Logan (ON)
Kevin McGee (PEI)
John Kaskamin (AB)
Gary Kelly (PEI)
Blaine Jorgenson (ON)
Scott Yanke (ON)
1st Jocko Cote (NS) $ 800
2 Rene Cyr (AB) 600
3 Jason Georgei (ON) 400
4 Mike Patrowich (ON) 250
5-8 Matt LeClerc (ON) 150
Neil Buzza (ON)
Greg Quesnelle (ON)
Dave Richard (NS)
9-16 Dana Murphy (NS) 100
Rob Keating (ON)
Dan Shoemaker (ON)
Norm MacFayden (PEI)
Nick Corneal (ON)
Paul Purvis (NS)
Waynn Osborne (ON)
Keith Roy (ON)
1st Andrea Wilson (BC) $ 1300 + Return Trip
2 Carrie Dwyer (ON) 800 + Falcon Cue/Case
3 Denise Belanger (ON) 600
4 Krista Walsh (ON) 350
5/6 Adina Black (NF) 200
Sophie Houle (ON)
7/8 Cathy Lafreniere (ON) 150
Marie St. Germain (ON)
9/12 Cathy Bristow (ON) 100
Leslie Pasieka (ON)
Audry Ozon (NF)
Janet Ritcey (NS)
1st Melanie Kay (NS) $ 650
2 Tena Lauren (ON) 400
3 Susan Sandul (MAN) 250
4 Leigh Ann Giles (NS) 175
5-8 Shelley St.Thomas (ON) 125
Susan Calabrese (ON)
Lise Julien (ON)
Gail Harms (AB)
1st Jason Holdaway (ON) /Cathy Lafreniere (ON) $ 620 + Falcon Cues/Cases
2 Louie Fazekas (ON) /Denise Belanger(ON) 420
3 D.J. McGinley (ON) /Naomi Williams (ON) 260
4 Joel St.Germain (ON) /Marie St.Germain (ON) 160
5/6 Darcy McGinley (ON) /Sheryl Richmond 110
Jason Flietstra (ON) /Kelly Sullivan
7/8 Fern Loyer (ON) /Diane Boudreault (ON) 80
Stu Hunter (ON) /Kelly Park
9/12 Vince McIntyre (ON) /Cindy Bristow (ON) 60
Chris Jenkins (ON) /Lauren Hoste
Al Devin /Leslie Pasieka (ON)
Cade Coats/ Kathy Noordman (ON)
13/16 John Jorgensen (ON) /Nikki Manzer 40
Herb Garlow /Melanie Kowalsky (ON)
Brian Belobradic (ON) /Karen Summers (ON)
Jim Pickett (ON) /April Freiburger (ON)
1st Smokin Chicos (ON) $ 3000 + Return Trip
2 Team Spain OLA (AB) 3000
3 Molson Canadians (NS) 2000
4 The Greene Machine (AB) 1150
5/6 Full Cup Coffee Services (ON) 700
Emerging From Chaos (ON)
7/8 Hardcore (PEI) 500
The Crew (AB)
9/12 Billy’s Boys (ON) 350
The Rock Crushers (ON)
Sprint North Trailers (ON)
The Jets (ON)
1st Outcasts (ON) 1200
2 Snappin’ Arsholes (ON) 800
3 Red Rock Kanuckleheads (PEI) 500
4 High Fives (ON) 350
5-8 No Respect (AB) 250
Raxx Attaxx (ON)
Geezers (ON)
Last Call (ON)
1st Ball Bangers (ON) $ 800
2 The Rook Eagles (AB) 500
3 Trap Shooters (ON) 350
4 S.T.A.L.Y.(ON) 250
1st Break N Run (ON) $ 1000 + Return Trip
2 Shark Shooters (ON) 750
3 What’s The Spot (ON) 500
4 Hooked (ON) 350
5/6 Ero My God (ON) 250
Girls From The Rock (NF)
1st Halifax Explosion (NS) $ 750
2 Sharp Shooters (ON) 500
3 Addiction (ON) 350
4 Wild 8’s (ON) 250

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