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Chris Ormston wins OBSA Qualifier Event at Petrina's

The Ontario Billiards and Snooker Association is the governing body for cue sports in Ontario. For too many years the OBSA has been focussed primarily on snooker. The OBSA is changing to meet the demands of players and as such will begin hosting events in all fields of cue sports, snooker, eight-ball, nine-ball, ten-ball, etc. across the province. The OBSA is sanctioned by the Canadian Billiards and Snooker Association, which is affiliated with various international bodies representing all the cue disciplines. The only way for a Canadian player to play in the World Championships is thru the auspices of the CBSA. The REAL CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS are being held in Quebec City this year in May. The Canadian Amateur Championship is being held in June in New Brunswick. Lots of time for players to qualify or enter.
On March 6th, Petrina’s in Ajax hosted the first OBSA event in 9-ball in many years. The intent was to qualify a player for the Canadian Chmapionship. There were over sixty calls fielded and just as many text and PMs but in the end only nine players showed up to participate in this Sunday event. The event format was single elimination, straight races and alternating breaks. The entries were handicapped and for the most part only lower ranked players showed up.
In the end we had a winner. Chris Ormston (A) from Peterbrorough, defeated Dwayne Martin (A) from Oshawa. These players played to a great finish. Unfortunately there were not enough players to qualify for Quebec City, but nonetheless the event was staged and all monies paid out.
For his efforts Chris Ormston won $150 and Dwayne Martin won $75. Considering their entry was $25 this was a good afternoons works. Ryan Mouck from Trenton, finished third and received a free entry to the Durham 8-ball Championship at the end of May.


The next event on March 27th is limited to players ranked 7 or less on UHS/404 events. With 20 or more players participating a player will receive an award packages towards the Canadian Amateur Championship in New Brunswick later this year. We look forward to seeing a few more players out. Come play your way to the Canadian Amateur Championship.

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