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CBSA Canadian Championship Results

Shooters Snookers and Sports Club in Toronto hosted the 2013 Canadian Cue Sports Championships from June 21st to July 2nd. The combination of heat and heavy rain paved the way for sicky conditions in the crowded room of players and spectators.
The event kicked off with 51 players in the amateur 9-ball event. Ontario player Marc Godin took the title with a 11-10 win over Serge Therrien from New Brunswick. In the Junior 9-Ball event, Charles Guimont from Quebec was undefeated as he took his first national title. Charles was the runner-up in last year’s event.

Marc Godin
Marc Godin

Mens Amateur 9-Ball (51 Players)
1st Marc Godin
2nd Serge Therrien
3rd Brad Guthrie
4th Mike Henderson
5-6th Brad Robinson
5-6th Rodney Barrington
7-8th Adrian Fragoso
7-8th Glen Collins


Junior 9-Ball
1st Charles Guimont
2nd David Moyer
3rd Nicholas Ridley


Brittany Bryant 2013 Canadian 9-Ball Champion
Brittany Bryant
2013 Canadian 9-Ball Champion

In the ladies events, Kayla Jones from London Ontario marched through the amateur 8-ball event beating Angela Carringan in the finals 9-7.  Brittany Bryant took her 3rd consecutive 9-ball title beating Naomi Williams in the finals.  Naomi was not left empty handed as she overcame New Brunswick’s Angela Belding to win her 3rd consecutive 10-ball title.
Naomi Williams 2013 Canadian 10-Ball Champion
Naomi Williams
2013 Canadian 10-Ball Champion

Womens Amateur 8-Ball (13 Players)
1st Kayla Jones $850
2nd Angela Carringan $600
3rd Lisa Savoy $400
4th Cathy Horgan $200


Womens Open 9-Ball (8 Players)
1st Brittany Bryant
2nd Naomi Williams
3rd Maureen Seto
4th Angela Belding


Womens Open 10-Ball (4 Players)
1st Naomi Williams
2nd Angela Belding
3rd Brittany Bryant
4th Maureen Seto

In the Men’s Open events, Jason Klatt got the ball rolling with a 11-3 score over Calgary’s Dave Martin for his 3rd national 8-Ball title.  In the 9-Ball event, Jeff Blais entertained the crowd with his fearless aggressive style.  Jeff lost a heartbreaking match to John Morra 11-10 in the A-side finals, and then lost his next match to Jason Klatt hill-hill in the B-Side finals.  Morra went on to win this event for his 1st national 9-ball title.  In the 10-ball event, John Morra continued his excellent play.  John outscored his opponents overall 63-26 for his 3rd 10-ball title.

Mens Open 8-Ball (26 Players)
1st Jason Klatt $1,500
2nd Dave Martin $1,100
3rd Brian Butler $900
4th Dave Parker $650
5-6th Eddie Cirasella $475
5-6th Erik Hjorleifson $475

John Morra Photo Courtesy of Peter Heatherington
John Morra
Photo Courtesy of Peter Hetherington


Mens Open 9-Ball (31 players)  
1st John Morra $1,600  + World Expenses
2nd Jason Klatt $1,275
3rd Jeff Blais $950
4th Mario Morra $750
5-6th Erik Hjorleifson $550
5-6th Chris Dempsey $550
7-8th Harvey Shognosh $450
7-8th Jeff Kennedy $450

Jason Klatt Photo courtesy of Peter Heatherington
Jason Klatt
Photo courtesy of Peter Hetherington


Mens Open 10-Ball (28 players)  
1st John Morra $900  + World Expenses
2nd Jeff Blais $650
3rd Jason Klatt $500
4th Francis Crevier $400
5-6th Harvey Shognosh $275
5-6th Berry McLean $275

In the snooker event, Ontario filled out the top four spots.  Jason Williams had a long road to the finals which included an 8 hour match against Chris Wood.  The steady young player is looking more impressive each year.  Jason’s opponent in the finals was lefty Floyd  Ziegler.   Floyd has been in the finals of this prestigious event multiple times in the past.  His experience likely gave him an edge over Jason.  It’s was Floyd’s great play and shot-making that gave him the title with a 6-2 win.
In the senior’s snooker, Jim Whittaker came though the b-side to take the win over Paul Flemming in the finals.  Live streaming was provided by Randall Morrison of the Alberta Billiards & Snooker Association.

Floyd Ziegler 2013 Canadian Snooker Champion
Floyd Ziegler
2013 Canadian Snooker Champion

Open Snooker
1st Floyd Ziegler $900
2nd Jason Williams $650
3rd John White $500
4th John Everekian $400
5-8th Chris Wood $400
5-8th Brian Butler $400
5-8th Pat McCarthy $400
5-8th Jeff Kennedy $400
9-16th David Kutney $200
9-16th Dave Parker $200
9-16th Presley Bacchus $200
9-16th Jacques Cote $200
9-16th Don Secord $200
9-16th Jonathan Sun $200
9-16th Demos Zachariou $200
9-16th Tom Finstad $200

Special thanks to the CBSA and Shooters Billiards for putting on another successful event.  Congratulations to Justin Kluznik for winning CityTV News athlete of the week.  Although Justin didn’t win a national title, he did win a box of Frosted Flakes.
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