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Colorado Regional 8-Ball Championship Results

2014 BCAPL/USAPL Colorado Regional 8-Ball Championship Results

bcaplCueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (November 19, 2014) – CueSports International, parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League, just completed the 2014 BCAPL/USAPL Colorado Regional 8-Ball Championships at Greenfields Pool & Sports Bar in Lakewood, CO (just outside Denver). The event featured three divisions – Mixed Scotch Doubles, Men’s Singles, and Women’s Singles. All participants were members of a BCAPL or USAPL league or individual CSI Associate members.
The Mixed Scotch Doubles division began on Friday, November 14 and featured 16 teams competing to become the 2014 Colorado Regional Mixed Scotch Doubles Champions. After several hours of play, two teams were left undefeated to face each other in the hot seat match: Mike DeWitt / Christine Honeman vs. Jose Cruz / Terry Duncan. This match reached a hill-hill conclusion with DeWitt/Honeman coming out on top by a score of 4-3. Cruz/Duncan moved over to the one-loss side to face Robby Niemi / Nina Clark in a semi-final match. Cruz/Duncan prevailed to earn a rematch against DeWitt/Honeman in the final. In this true double elimination format, Cruz/Duncan would have to defeat DeWitt/Honeman twice. Maintaining consistency with their earlier match, the first set reached a hill-hill conclusion, but this time, Cruz/Duncan got the win. Therefore, the championship would come down to a final set. However, because it was late into the night, the two teams decided to split the prize and the title.
The Men’s Singles division began on Saturday, November 15 with 62 players aiming for the title of 2014 Colorado Men’s Regional Champion. By Sunday afternoon, Sam Cordova was the only undefeated player remaining and sat in the hot seat to await his final opponent. Meanwhile, John Sandifer, who lost his 5th round match, fought his way through three one-loss side matches by defeating Marc Vidal, Mike Hellmer, and Mike DeWitt to earn a trip to the finals. In order to win, Sandifer would have to defeat Cordova twice. He pulled out the first set by a score of 5-3 to force a final set. However, Cordova stopped Sandifer’s momentum and won the final set 5-3 claim the title.
The Women’s Singles division also got underway on Saturday, November 15 with 14 ladies contending for the title. By Sunday afternoon, Debbie Glover was undefeated and sat in the hot seat to await her final opponent. On the one-loss side, after losing her very first match, Nicole Keeney refused to quit as she carved her way through the left side of the bracket by winning six consecutive matches and earning the right to face Glover in the final. Having to defeat Glover twice seemed to be no issue for Keeney as she won both sets 5-1 and became the 2014 Colorado Regional Women’s Champion.
CueSports International would like to extend a special thank you to the owners and staff of Greenfields Pool & Sports Bar for providing a terrific venue, excellent equipment, and great service! We look forward to returning in the future.
Anyone interested in joining the BCA Pool League or the USA Pool League may contact us at (702) 719-7665 or (866) USA-POOL. We can also be found on the web at www.playbca.com, www.playusapool.com, or www.playcsipool.com.

Men’s Singles
1st Sam Cordova $1,100
2nd John Sandifer $600
3rd Mike DeWitt $350
4th Mike Hellmer $250
5th-6th Chisolm Woodson $175
5th-6th Marc Vidal $175
7th-8th Jose Cruz $125
7th-8th Adam King $125
9th-12th Andrew Pettenger $85
9th-12th Jason Secor $85
9th-12th Jeremiah Gage $85
9th-12th Elliot Fields $85
13th-16th Mike Willeford $60
13th-16th Isaac Jacquez $60
13th-16th Bill Skinner $60
13th-16th Mark Haddad $60
17th-24th Severo Romero $0
17th-24th Mike Gashwazra $0
17th-24th Rich Andrada $0
17th-24th Alan Laidler $0
17th-24th Chuck Dusbabek $0
17th-24th Jim McCrary $0
17th-24th Darryl Toal $0
17th-24th Jason McClure $0
25th-32nd Robby Niemi $0
25th-32nd JR Reidell $0
25th-32nd Russell Chewning $0
25th-32nd Jeffery Beals $0
25th-32nd Rich Montoya $0
25th-32nd Greg Baptisto $0
25th-32nd Ed Borrego $0
25th-32nd Michael Allen $0
33rd-48th Nick Kaluza $0
33rd-48th Manual Torres $0
33rd-48th Johnny Lopez Jr. $0
33rd-48th Pepe Lopez $0
33rd-48th Brad Peterson $0
33rd-48th Dave Kirby $0
33rd-48th Dave Mondragon $0
33rd-48th Robert Rabito $0
33rd-48th Gary Johnson $0
33rd-48th Bill Meacham $0
33rd-48th Trevor Knott $0
33rd-48th Daniel Kulp $0
33rd-48th Johnny Vasquez $0
33rd-48th Doug James $0
33rd-48th Pat Synak $0
33rd-48th Preston Hollis $0
49th-64th Petr Dunaj $0
49th-64th Brian Hunter $0
49th-64th Ernie Dorrance $0
49th-64th James Lyman $0
49th-64th Cory Davis $0
49th-64th John Lillibridge $0
49th-64th Rudy Kaluza $0
49th-64th Patrick Roy $0
49th-64th Greg Romero $0
49th-64th Hamid Motorjemi $0
49th-64th Ron Lincoln $0
49th-64th Jeff McKeon $0
49th-64th Mike Woelke $0
49th-64th Hall Shelley $0
Women’s Singles
1st Nicole Keeney $450
2nd Debbi Glover $250
3rd Carol James $135
4th Tenille Whitten $85
5th-6th Maria Finley $0
5th-6th Vicki Perryman $0
7th-8th Roberta MaEstas $0
7th-8th Cindy Wessling $0
9th-12th Terry Duncan $0
9th-12th Melissa Little $0
9th-12th Pamela Webb $0
9th-12th Nicole Hunter $0
13th-16th Nina Clark $0
13th-16th Amee Peterson $0
Mixed Scotch Doubles
1st-2nd DeWitt/Honeman $350
1st-2nd Cruz/Duncan $350
3rd Niemi/Clark $160
4th King/Moxon $100
5th-6th McClure/Perryman $50
5th-6th Harrington/Sarvey $50
7th-8th Skinner/MaEstes $0
7th-8th Quist/Crump $0
9th-12th Sandifer/Glover $0
9th-12th Peterson/Peterson $0
9th-12th Woodson/James $0
9th-12th Allen/Whitten $0
13th-16th Madrana/Wasson $0
13th-16th Gage/Webb $0
13th-16th Rabito/Bartleson $0
13th-16th Kaluza/Cotter $0

CueSports International

CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events like the US Bar Table Championships, US Open 10-Ball Championship, US Open 8-Ball Championship, and much more. For more information, visit www.playcsipool.com or call CSI at p702-719-POOL.

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