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2016 US Open Straight Pool Championship Matches Released on YouTube

CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (Oct. 26, 2016) – CSI is pleased to announce that the 2016 US Open Straight Pool Championship matches have been released on the CSI YouTube channel.  Fourteen (14) matches featuring Dennis Orcollo, Warren Kiamco, Alex Pagulayan, Thorsten Hohmann, Mika Immonen, Shane Van Boening, and more can be viewed in their entirety — absolutely free!
The 2016 US Open Straight Pool Championship was held April 20-24 at Pool Table Magic in Windsor Locks, Conn. Below are the matches on this playlist:
Match #1: Dennis Orcollo vs Jeff Mosimann
Match #2: Warren Kiamco cs Matt Tetreault
Match #3: Thorsten Hohmann vs Dennis Orcollo
Match #4: Tyler Styer vs Will Maynard
Match #5: Shane VanBoening vs Bob Jewett
Match #6: Thorsten Hohmann vs Kyle Pepin
Match #7: Alex Pagulayan vs Frank Scharbach
Match #8: Mika Immonen vs Warren Kiamco
Match #9: Mika Immonen vs Thorsten Hohmann
Match #10: Shane VanBoening vs Danny Barouty
Match #11: Warren Kiamco vs Bob Madenjian
Match #12: Shane VanBoening vs Alex Pagulayan (Semi-Final!)
Match #13: Dennis Orcollo vs Warren Kiamco (Semi-Final!)
Match #14: Dennis Orcollo vs Shane VanBoening (Final!)
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