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Vince Chrysler Does it Again!

Welcome to the third tour stop of the 10 Ball hosted at Shooters Snookerclub. We had 40 strong players come out to compete for a prize amount of $1,760 and a calcutta of $1,200. Many strong players showed up to the event including Vince Chrysler, Naomi Williams, Ronald Giron and Alan Ada. We also had a large amount of 4s and 5s which is good that the 10 ball events are getting such a good reception.
Going down to the last 8 places we had on the A side, Naomi versus Steve Rocamora and Ronald Giron versus Vince Chrysler. Naomi, Ronald, and Vince breezed through their brackets torturing and destroying people by big margins. On the B side, there was Gene C who did very well in the last 10 ball tournament knocking out the likes of Adam Monture versus Richard Murray. Lastly, there was Romeo Zulueta versus Adam F. Due to time constraints the tournament was supposed to be a one day but due to some very long games from particular players, this was spread to a two-day tournament.
Starting on the A side Vince Chrysler showed Ronald Giron the Shtick beating him 8-3 and sending him to the B side. Naomi won her match by the same margin against Steve leaving her and Vince the two titans of this tournament to battle it out for a guaranteed 2nd place. The B side matches were not that much tighter Gene sent Richard out of the tournament winning 6 games to one and Adam beat Romeo 5 games to 5. This left Adam to face Ronald and Gene to face Steve. Gene once again dominates and wins again 6-1, who can stop this little guy?! Ronald gives a similar strong display against Adam winning 7 games to 2. This once again leaves two Filipinos to battle it out for 3rd and 4th place! All day Gene has been only letting his opponent get to 1 game, this time, however, he was on the receiving end of that treatment as Ronald sends Gene to the C side winning 7-1.
This now leaves Ronald to face the loser of Naomi and Vince. Vince had been thrashing people all day and this continued against Naomi as he won 7 games to 3 keeping the lid on Naomi is difficult but Vince did it and now advances to the tournament final. Naomi still has a chance to get back but has to go through Ronald ‘the prince’ Giron. The match between Ronald and Naomi was very tight, both players were making mistakes but were coming out with good shots when necessary. The match could have gone either way but Ronald took the win winning 7-6. Ronald now gets a shot to beat Vince take the title and his revenge. While both players came out strong, the match did not end that way. Towards the end both players got very cagey missing balls that they should never miss. One rack later in the match I believe near hill-hill Vince was on the long rail cutting a 10 into the corner and he misses it leaving Ronald a long 50% ball cut on the 10 into the same corner. Ronald overcuts it and leaves it for Vince who makes it hill-hill. Similarly to Ronald’s last match either one of these strong shooters could have won this tournament, but it was Vince Chrysler who emerged victoriously!

Congratulations to Vince for winning his 2nd tournament of the season! Congratulations to Ronald as well for coming 2nd for a 2nd time this season as well, always the bridesmaid but never the bride! Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank each and everyone who came over to the pool hall to support and play in our events. Please see below for payouts and future events:
Field: 40 players
Prize: $1,760 (Money Added and No 15% Holdback)
Calcutta: $1,200

1. Vince Chrysler $600
2. Ronald Giron $390
3. Naomi Williams $250
4. Gene Chipongian $160
5. Adam Fef $110
6. Steve Racamora $110
7. Romeo Zulueta $70
8. Richard Murray $70
***Calcutta not included***
Remind: Mar 4, Amateur Tour (4-9 handicap) Event.
Mar 5, “2-6” Event
Mar 11, “47” Extravaganza 9-Ball Event – players must register as this is a Pre-Paid event!

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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