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Rob Hall Back in Form in Shooters’ 9-Ball Amateur Tournament

This past Saturday, April 2, Shooters Snooker Club hosted its 8th and finale Amateur 9-Ball event before the added money finale on April 16/17. The field included 40 strong SL 4-9 players competing for a $1,840 prize pool and $1,060 Calcutta – grand total of just under $3,000. With 40 players registered, the organizers and staff did their best to finish the event in one day, knowing that there was a “2-4” Extended Race 9-ball tournament the following day.
A full day of pool was under way, and after many intense matches, the field dwindled down to 6 players, 4 on the A-Side and 2 on the B-Side. The undefeated players on the A-Side were:
Stuart McTaggart vs Rob Hall
Alan Ada vs Chris Lee
On the B-Side, Brad Guthrie and Ed Reyes awaited the losers of the A-Side matches. Rob H cruised by Stuart M 9-3 and Chris disposed of Alan 6-4. Brad G welcomed Stuart to the B-Side by defeating him 7-3 and Ed R did the same to Alan, defeating him 8-5.
In the hot-seat match, supports were on the edge of their seat watching Rob Hall take on Chris Lee. This nail-biter eventually came down to a double-hill game, where Rob won 9-5 and earned his spot in the hot-seat. Chris Lee would then wait in the B-Side finals for the winner between Ed Reyes and Brad Guthrie. Brad Guthrie shot well to defeat Ed Reyes, and continued until getting back to the A-Side finals against Rob Hall.

Rob Hall, Peter Chin and Brad Guthrie
Rob Hall, Peter Chin and Brad Guthrie

Rob Hall’s 5-match win streak would not come to an end, as he won once more in the finals, defeated Brad Guthrie 9-5. Congratulations to Rob Hall for going undefeated and finding his stroke. Honourable mention also goes out to Brad Guthrie and Chris Lee for second and third place, respectively.
Thanks to the efficiency of the staff and organizers, the event finished in one day as promised. Just a reminder that the finale of the amateur tour will be taking place April 16-17,2016
Shooters’ upcoming events:
April 9/10: Shooters’ 404 9-Ball Tour Event #8
April 10: ‘2-5’ 9-Ball Tournament
Please check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and for dates and details for all upcoming tournaments. Please register early (especially for one-day events) to ensure a spot in upcoming tournaments. To register, please contact Peter Chin at (416)750-7787.
Event: Shooters’ Amateur Tour Event #8
Date: April 2, 2016
Field: 40 (One-Day Event)
Prize Pool: $1,840
Calcutta: $1,060
1. Rob Hall – $650
2. Brad Guthrie – $400
3. Chris Lee – $260
4. Ed Reyes – $170
5. Alan Ada – $110
6. Stuart McTaggart – $110
7. Norm Santos – $70
8. Kevin Oliveira – $70
**Calcutta Not Included**

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