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Jody Johnson and Aqeel Mohamed victorious in the “25” EXTRAVAGANZA!

On January 20/21 2018, Shooters Snooker Club held its second event from the EXTRAVAGANZA Series called the “25” EXTRAVAGANZA 9 Ball Event securing 42 players in the field. All these 42 players who were present on that day had either won a spot from the weekly qualifiers held at the premises or pre paid their entries worth $150- $175 depending on the spot allocation and time.
The pool room owner held this event in favour and appreciation of the Amateur players (SL 2 to SL5) who play and work hard on their games on a regular basis. This event was one of the largest cash prize pay for Amateur Players (Handicaps 2 to 5) in the whole of the GTA.
The day kicked in drastically as all the players walked into the pool room having similar goals in mind, that is, winning and performing their best in this event. A super exciting and professional Calcutta was performed by the pool room owner, Peter Chin. Players and supporters took part in this Calcutta by auctioning players according to their instinct as who was going to win this event. The draw was done and the first few matches were underway!
After a couple of grinding matches, upsets and nerve wrecking moments, the following was the update:
A Side:
Aqeel Mohamed vs Mel Berber
Mike Van Eck vs Brenden Croft
Jody Johnson vs Jonathan Rubi
Brain Craigg vs Dave Daviau
B Side:
Julius D’Mello vs Davis Menor
Kawa Arab vs Che Lemmon
Art Bertoni vs Joshua Bryan
Eva Bouldings vs Dave Battista
On the A Side, Aqeel Mohamed beat Mel Berber by 6 games to 3, Mike VanEck got away with a hill hill decider against Brenden Croft, Jody Johnson kept calm and beat Jonathan Rubi by 7 games to 2 and Dave Daviau beat Brian Craig by 6 games to 2.
On the B Side, Julius D’Mello beat Davis Menor by 6 games to 4, Kawa Arab got away with a hill hill decider against Che Lemmon, Joshua Bryan overcame Art Bertoni by 6 games to 1 and Eva Bouldings passed by Dave Battista as the score was 4-4.
That left us with the following update:
A Side:
Aqeel Mohamed vs Mike VanEck
Jody Johnson vs Dave Daviau
B Side:
Julius D’Mello vs Jonathan Rubi
Kawa Arab vs Brian Craigg
Joshua Bryan vs Mel Berber
Eva Bouldings vs Brenden Croft
The last 12 players were left in the field who had to come back the next day to fight for this championship title. As Sunday came in, the B Side players started playing their games at 12:00 noon sharp on the clock and the A Side players kicked off their games at 1:00pm.
Aqeel Mohamed beat Mike VanEck by 6 games to 3 and Jody Johnson replied a very good win over Dave Daviau as he beat Dave by 7 games to 0. On the B Side, Julius D’Mello, Kawa Arab, Joshua Bryan and Brenden Croft were the emerging winners.
As the day progressed, the A Side final match was scheduled. A tough battle between Aqeel Mohamed and Jody Johnson was seen as there were a lot of factors going through around them. Aqeel Mohamed emerged victorious by beating Jody with a score of 6-4. On the other hand, Mike VanEck beat Jonathan Rubi and Dave Daviau emerged as the hill hill winner against Brenden Croft. Mike VanEck beat Dave Daviau by 7 games to 4. The B Side Finals were then played as Jody Johnson beat Mike VanEck by 6 games to 4.
Jody Johnson then went to the Finals whereby he met Aqeel Mohamed for the Championship title. His consistency and fierce exposure on the game led to his victory in the first set as he beat Aqeel Mohamed by 7 games to 4. The second set was then played as Jody was victorious again as he beat Aqeel by the same score to secure about $2700 in prize money and the first place of this event.

Dave Daviou, Mike Van Eck, Peter Chin, Jody Johnson, Brenden Croft and Aqeel Mohamed

Field: 42 players
Prize: $6,550 *NO GREEN FEE ( 15% hold back – Finale )*
Calcutta: $3,000
1. Jody Johnson $1,750
2. Aqeel Mohamed $1,150
3. Mike Van Eck $750
4. David Daviau $480
5. Jonathan Rubi $300
6. Brenden Croft $300
7. Kawa Arab $200
8. Joshua Bryan $200
9. Mel Berber $110
10. Julius D’Mello $110
11. Brian Craigg $110
12. Eva Bouldings $110
***Calcutta not Included***
This was the second event out of the 5 Main Events from the EXTRAVAGANZA Series. The next event will be the “47” EXTRAVAGANZA Scotch Doubles (Max 13) 9 Ball Event which will take place on the 24th/25th February followed by the ‘47’ EXTRAVAGANZA 10 Ball Event on March 10th/11th, 2018.
The new session of our Extravaganza Series Qualifier Resumes with $2,800 (15%) hold back after the first 2 events plus Shooters MONEY ADDED to the Finale and 4 more events to go before the GRAND FINALE!!
We’re excited to see the mega payout from this epic EXTRAVAGANZA SERIES GRAND FINALE scheduled for May, 2018.
Feb 24-25, “47” Extravaganza 9-ball – SCOTCH DOUBLES
Mar 10-11, “47” Extravaganza 10-ball
April (TBA). “47” Extravaganza Special Event
April (TBA) “47” Extravaganza 9-ball – STRAIGHT RACE
May (TBA) “47” Extravaganza GRAND FINALE
For more information on our tournaments and the EXTRAVAGANZA Series, Contact Peter Chin on 416-750- 7787
Shooters would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players and supporters for coming over to the pool room to support and play this event.

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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