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Aqeel and Froland grab the Bar Box Finale!!!

The awaited BAR BOX Finale has finally come to an end. Players with the perfect attendance and performance during each Friday night at Shooters were all informed about the Bar Box Finale. Shooters Snooker Club in North York, Toronto has Bar Box tournaments every Friday night. Out of all the competitors, 12 players got a total of $500 cash payout in order to appreciate their performance from week to week. 16 players got also free entry into the Finale. $1050 which was held back during the Friday night tournaments was then put into the Finale making a total of $1400+
It was on the 16th of July, 2016 when the Finale was held in the premises of Shooters Snooker Club. The Calcutta began at 1:45pm and the games kicked off at 2:45pm. The board was split into two having SL 2-4 and SL 5-8 separately. After a few matches, the updates were as follows:
SL 2-4
A Side Final:
Aqeel Mohamed vs Gerald Pena
B Side Semi Final:
Androu Gerges vs Tomas Martinez
Aqeel Mohamed defeated Gerald Pena by 4 games to 2 moving on to the hot seat. Androu beat Tomas Martinez 4-1 and was ready to face Gerald. Gerald stroked pretty well and tactically out ran Androu by 4 games to 1. The question of beating Aqeel Mohamed raised but it was Aqeel’s stroke which led him to his victory. Stayed calm and simplified his game by beating Gerald hill- hill to capture the “Bar Box Finale” into his records!
SL 5-8
A Side Final:
Froland Magsanoc vs Chris Russel
B Side Semi Final:
Andrew Lamingman vs Chris Capinpin
On the other board, Froland beat Chris Russel hill- hill to advance to the hot seat. Andrew Lamingman beat Chris Capinpin by another hill- hill score. Chris Russel got hold of Chris Capinpin by beating him hill- hill again advancing toward Froland for the title! Froland won the title by a very close hill- hill game.
It was a very tough competition indeed as most of the matches went hill- hill. Shooters would like to Congratulate all the winners of this Finale!

Total prize payout :
$1,400 plus
“$500” cash paid to the Friday Night “Bar Box ” outstanding players and the top 16 players got free entries to main event.
SL 2-4
Total Prize- $600
Calcutta- $240
1. Aqeel Mohamed $250
2. Gerald Pena $170
3. Androu Gerges $110
4. Tomas Martinez $70
*Calcutta and “$500 cash payout” not included*
SL 5-8
Total Prize- $800
Calcutta- $430
1. Froland Magsanoc $340
2. Chris Russell $220
3. Andrew Lamingman $140
4. Chris Capinpin $100
*Calcutta and “$500 cash payout” not included*
Shooters would like to Thank each and every one who came every Friday for competitive tournaments and the Finale at large!
Upcoming events are as follows:
Saturday, 23rd July 2016: “8 and under” race to handicap 9 ball event
Sunday, 24th July, 2016: “2-5” Amateur 9 Ball event
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