404 9-Ball Tour

Rob Hall Strikes Again

There is a bandit loose in town that cannot be beaten.

Rob Hall

Rob Hall continued his domination on the 404 9-Ball Tour this past weekend with an undefeated performance at BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket, Ontario.
Leading the top half of the bracket, London player Tyler Nearing had wins over Richard Murray (10-6), Ronald Giron (10-5), Darren Corston (10-6), Isaac Ramos (10-6) and Rob Henry (10-5). In the bottom half of the bracket, Rob Hall had wins over Dave Martin (9-2), Eric Hildebrand (9-4), Mike Patrowicz (9-6), Ian Argue (9-3) and Ed Reyes (9-5).
The A-Side final was a terrific match with Rob Hall edging out straight shooter Tyler Nearing (hill-hill). Nearing went on to knock out Rob Henry, leaving Rob with an impressive 3rd place finish. That left Nearing and Hall to face off again in the finals. Once again, it was a thriller with Rob Hall getting the case game at double hill.
Rob Henry

Thanks again to the staff at BigWigs and tournament director Blain Jorgensen for their continued support.
This is how they finished

1st ROB HALL 9 $820 $800
2nd TYLER NEARING 10 $520 $480
3rd ROB HENRY 7 $380 $300
4th ISAAC RAMOS 7 $260 $200
5-6th DARREN CORSTON 7 $170 $100
5-6th ED REYES 8 $170 $100
7-8th DEREK CLAUS 9 $120 $1,980
7-8th RUSS CORMIER 7 $120
9-12th IAN ARGUE 5 $80
9-12th JOE THERIAULT 5 $80
9-12th TERRY SNAKE 5 $80

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